Brief Overview Of Aerosol Filling Machine


The fine suspension of liquid and solid in a gas container is known as aerosols. Hairspray, air deodorants, body sprays, shaving creams, fire extinguishers, shower gels all are common examples of artificial aerosols which are used in our daily life. Nature also produces aerosols in the form of dust, ashes, sea salt, etc.

Nature makes around 90 percent of aerosols while the remaining 10 percent of aerosols are man-made. Such man-made aerosols are also known as anthropogenic. The aerosol particles are of very tiny size ranging from 10−4 to 10 micrometers.

Filling of Aerosols:

Human-made aerosols are filled in cans by special machines which are known as aerosol filling machines. Aerosols filling machines are the advanced machines that are used for the appropriate filling of aerosols. Some machines besides filling aerosols also close the lid of the cans. That’s the reason, every aerosol is filled to the point. 

A single aerosol filling machine can fill hundreds of cans in a second. (doing the work of multiple laborers by consuming less time). The most important parts of the aerosol filling machine that is responsible for filling and capping are given below.

  1. Automatic aerosol can push table
  2. Automatic 3 head BOV filling crimping machine
  3. Automatic weight checking machine
  4. Automatic actuator feeding machine
  5. Automatic cap feeding machine

All the above parts work simultaneously and are responsible for the filling and capping aerosols.

Where to buy an aerosol filling machine?

If you want to acquire an updated aerosol filling machine that is responsible for various functions, you can contact Guangzhou Aile Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Aile Automation supplies various types of automatic machines out of which aerosol filling machines are their top-quality product.

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