Which Casting Is Best?

The method of casting is known for years. It is the best method for obtaining accurate and precise shapes than any other method. It is highly used in different metal industries for making different parts. Besides, metal industries casting is highly appreciable for sculpture purposes, for making jewelry, weapons, and tools.

Lantian Precision Casting and Machining company deals with different types of casting including custom silica sol casting, carbon steel casting, alloy steel casting.

All of the above casting processes are highly appreciable in different industries. In this article, you will get thorough information regarding all types of casting.

  • Silica Sol Casting: In this process, silica sol zircon sand is used as a molding agent. The products obtained through this casting are highly precise and accurate in texture. This casting is a bit expensive from other castings.
  • Carbon Steel Casting: Carbon steel casting is a part of alloy steel casting. In carbon steel casting, carbon is the leading product in steel casting. It is used to obtain difficult shapes at affordable prices.
  • Alloy steel casting: In this type of casting, different metals are combined together to form an alloy. The prepared alloy is then used in the casting process. This type of casting is highly reliable and is rich in flexibility.


All of the above castings are good in their own way. If you want to obtain sharp designs with no tension of price, you must use silica sol casting. But if you have some budget issue, then carbon steel casting is the best option for you.

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