iPhone battery

What about having iPhone? Everyone loves an apple iPhone but what about the iPhone battery? Don’t know here is the solution the replacement of the old iPhone battery with the new one. In today’s life, everyone believes in showing off either their earnings or maybe their luxurious life. Today’s young generation or teenagers attracts to the iPhone as they are expensive and can be a sign of a luxury lifestyle. Everyone wants to own iPhone but the problem is the iPhone battery. Having a thousand bucks of mobile and getting discharged battery is a problem than what to do with a mobile phone. Hey, don’t do anything with the mobile phone just change your iPhone battery to add life to your mobile phone.


The iPhone can be replaced easily either you can buy an iPhone battery online and ask your local mobile shop to interchange the batteries i.e. old one with the new one. The iPhone battery can be also replaced with the help of an apple service provider but it might take more time to replace. In some conditions, it only takes 2-3 hours but they can take more time depending on their workload.

Iphone battery

The self-life of the iPhone battery can be increased with some changes like you can dim light, can charge your phone before it gets fully discharged, and many more. The battery has a life cycle of certain numbers say 500 in the case of iPhone battery, it means they can charge or discharge 500 times. You can increase the self-life of the iPhone battery by handling it smartly or you can also replace your dead iPhone battery by browsing online or you can get some from offline.

iPhone battery replacement

It’s so luxurious to have an apple phone and try to impress your girlfriend or friend. Nowadays, 70% of the population uses the apple iPhone to add class to their life, some people want to show their earnings through their luxurious phone but what about iPhone battery replacement. If you are using an Apple iPhone then you must know about the batteries and their life charging cycle. A battery has a mainly 500 full charge cycle means it can get 500 times discharge and after that 500 times charge. So, if you are having these battery dead type of problem after your cycle of charge completed then no need to worry, the iPhone battery replacement is possible either by yourself or by a service provider.

An iPhone battery replacement takes mainly two or three hours by yourself but your service provider can take one to two days for iPhone battery replacement. There are many ways to prevent your battery from being dead for example you can dim its light, can charge again before it gets discharged, turning down the screen brightness, draining all battery at a time and many more. If you will handle a phone smartly then its battery life can be extended. But, if your iPhone battery has become dead, then you are advised to replace it with a new battery to extend the life of your mobile phone. The iPhone battery replacement can take place under your budget with a warranty of two years and also you can extend your warranty with the help of an iPhone service provider. So, what to wait for just replace your dead iPhone batteries with the new one.