Honey Packing Machine

Honey Packing Machine

honey packing machine

Having a honey packing machine is essential to make sure that your honey is safe to consume. It can help to keep the honey fresh for longer and is also a great way to keep the honey clean. Luckily, there are some different options to choose from, so you should be able to find a machine that’s best for you.


Specifically a honey sachet packing machine or HSPM. Aside from honey, it is also used to package other viscous goods such as nuts, seeds, grains, or even beverages such as milk or coffee. It is also used to package a variety of bag types. Depending on the requirements of the customer, it can be configured in an array of variants. It also comes with a plethora of safety and security features to keep your product safe and sound. It is a machine made out of stainless steel, but it can be customized as per requirements. It comes with an optional conveyor to boot.

The best part of this machine is that it is a cinch to maintain and service. The price tag is reasonable as well. The machine is a true workhorse requiring little if any manual labor. It can be integrated into your existing production line or used as a stand-alone machine. It has the power to deliver high quality product packaging solutions to your clients. It comes with a one-year warranty as well.


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Whether you need to pack powders, pastes or other liquids, Omag can help you find the perfect packaging machine for your business. The company has a wide variety of products to choose from, including sachet packaging machines and other equipment.

Omag’s packaging machines are designed for various industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. They can be used to package different types of products, including powders, liquids and granulars. These machines also offer a wide range of features and functionalities. In addition, they are equipped with software that ensures compliance with quality, safety and traceability standards.

In addition to packaging machines, OMAG also offers other packaging solutions, such as batching systems, weight checking systems and robotic counting systems. These systems can be custom-built for small benchtop applications or for large-scale batching processes. In addition, they can be combined with other packaging solutions, including bag-sealing machines and cartoning machines. Omag also offers customised solutions for sampling activities, such as testing, as well as complete lines that meet URS requirements.

Omag’s sachet packaging machines have specific features that make them ideal for single-dose packaging. These include separate working rolls, innovative design features and specialized filling systems. In addition, they are easy to use, with a simple icon interface, and can be configured to suit your production needs.

These machines are ideal for producing single-dose sachets for a variety of products, including honey, sweetener sachets, sauces and condiments. These machines are also highly popular in the food and cosmetics industries. They are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long lifetime.


NPACK is a company that builds and sells honey packaging equipment. Their machines honey packing machine are engineered to minimize the risk of breakdowns while still delivering impressive results in the shortest time possible. Some of their wares are specifically suited for the honey industry while others are designed to work on other liquids.

While you are at it, you should also check out their high-tech leasing and field service offerings. Fortunately, NPACK has a nifty mobile app that can make life that much easier. With the ability to see live updates on machine status, you are guaranteed to always know what’s going on with your machinery. This is especially useful if you have a large or busy production line. The company also has a comprehensive training manual that can be found on their website. NPACK is also known for their quality customer service, as they boast of a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. Having a dedicated customer service team is key to the success of any manufacturing venture. Having a dedicated service team is like having a personal butler at your disposal. A dedicated team can provide the necessary knowledge and guidance to make your company stand out from the crowd.

For the same reason, NPACK does not just manufacture honey packaging equipment. They also provide leasing and field service to their clients as well as high-tech cameras and high-speed internet solutions.

Automatic single head

Whether you are in the business of filling honey, syrup, juice or ice cream, the Automatic single head Honey Filling Machine is designed to provide a stable and accurate filling for your products. It features a positive cut off valve for drip free filling and self-centering devices for proper layering of the product.

The Automatic Honey Filling Machine is compact and works on the volumetric principle. The machine can fill bottles with up to 1000 ml. It is equipped with a Stainless Steel Piston, High-Speed Large Gravity Flow Valve, and Advanced Clip Bottleneck Technology. It also features a stainless steel bottle washing machine.

This machine can also be customized to suit your specific needs. Its stainless steel construction can prevent product contamination. Its contact points are easy to clean. It features a clear glass door for customers to see the products inside.

The Automatic Honey Filling Machine is available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models. The machine can be integrated with Automatic Sealing machines for drip free filling of your products. honey packing machine It is also compatible with Automatic Capping machines.

The machine comes with a stainless steel body and elegant matt finish. It features an A/C motor with variable A/C frequency drive. It can fill round, flat, and shaped bottles. It also comes with a self-centering rinsing head for cleaning bottles. The bottle cleaning system uses an ionized vortex method to clean the bottles and ensure that there are no contaminants.

Automatic turn table with bottler

Having an automatic turn table with bottler on your honey packing line is a great way to improve productivity and save space. In fact, many factories are already using them.

A turn table is a two-part machine that consists of a solid guide rail and a reduction gear box. A turn table can accommodate 50 ml to 1500 ml jars. The table is also designed for noise-free operation.

The most basic turn table features a stainless steel cladding and an aluminum top plate. Its main purpose is to separate filled jars from empty jars. In addition, the table is equipped with a number of jar guide rails. It also has an AC variable frequency drive system.

It is not surprising that the turn table can be found in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The most common diameters include 900mm, 600mm, and 750mm. For high volume production, an automated turn table can be the answer to your prayers.

The best part is that the turn table is not only a good way to save space, but also an effective tool to improve the efficiency of your production line. The most pronounced benefit of a turn table is that it enables you to transfer products between tasks without using up valuable floor space. The table has a few other advantages as well, including the possibility of changing direction to accommodate different jar formats.

Grain Packaging Machines

Grain Packaging Machines

grain packaging machine

We offer a wide range of Grain Packing Machines in different specifications as per the requirements of the clients. These machines find their application in agriculture, food processing, and packaging solutions industries. They are made of durable construction and have three main components, which include a weighing scale, an open mouth bagger, and a bag palletizer. These machines are highly appreciated for their excellent performance and durability. They are used to fill grains into seal proof bags and containers. Moreover, they are inspected at the end to ensure the flawlessness of the products.

Automatic 25kg bag packing machine

The Fully Automatic 25kg Kraft Paper Valve Bag Pouch Packing Machine is an excellent machine to use for packaging of dry foodstuffs in bulk. It works by using differential air pressure to force product into the valve bags, reducing the packaging time. The machine has a hopper, a filling nozzle and a control valve, which make it ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The machine can be used with various types of bags, including multi-walled paper and plastic bags.

This machine can realize automatic bag loading, measuring, filling, heating, sealing, and wrapping. It can be applied in many fields, including chemical, food, and pet food industries. Its compact design allows it to be integrated with a variety of bag filling machines. Another benefit of this machine is its price, which is competitive.

This machine is very easy to operate. All major motoring parts are controlled by servo motors, which make it easy to adjust for various packaging specifications. It also includes a plastic handle that can be placed at the bottom of the bag to be packed. It is also equipped with a LED indicator and a weighing hopper.

This machine can handle 25kg bags made of polyethylene or PE film. It can also be used to pack 50kg bags. With the help of an electronic weigher, the HB25-PE can automatically place, fill, and seal bags. Its stainless steel 304 construction allows grain packaging machine it to handle a variety of products. For example, it can bag lentils, seeds, and pulse foods.

Automatic vertical grain packaging machine

Automatic vertical grain packaging machine is widely used in a variety of industries. This machine can be used to pack all types of grains and other food items. It is particularly useful for packaging small grain packaging machine biscuits, peanuts, seeds, granular/solid materials and many other products. Moreover, it can be used for the packaging of food products, including flour, puffed foods, rice, and millet.

Moreover, it has features of compact structure and easy operation and maintenance. It also has a photocell control system for accurate positioning and automatic completion of all processes. Compared to other types of packing machines, this machine has many advantages. Its compact structure allows for easy transportation and maintenance. It can also be customized to suit the packaging needs of different commodities.

Besides, it is designed with the most modern small sachet packaging technology. It also adopts advanced stepping motor subdivision technology to produce small bags. Its high precision and control capabilities make it an ideal machine for the packing industry. Its machine parts that come in contact with the filling material are made of high quality 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, its control system features a touch screen control panel that makes it easy to operate and read.

Moreover, this automatic bag packaging machine is designed for the packaging of powder products. It completes all tasks automatically, including measuring powder. Some models are equipped with a reliable photoelectric detection system to detect and mark powder. These machines are useful for packaging small bags of food, medicines and chemicals. They can also be used for packaging liquid products.

Small grain packaging machine

Small grain packaging machine is an important equipment for packaging granular products. It is a high-speed weighing machine, which is suitable for packaging a wide range of granular materials. It can be used for packaging seeds, nuts, seeds and other loose type granule material. The machine is also useful for packaging spices, sugar and salt.

This machine has a weighing sensor and intelligent industrial-grade touch screen. The touch screen is very sensitive, which ensures accuracy. It also has two independent temperature controls. The machine’s horizontal sealing rod has a flip cover, and the vertical sealing rod has a smooth surface. The film unwinding device adopts a brake system, which effectively prevents excessive unwinding. It also has a four-head linear electronic scale, which allows for quick and accurate measurement.

Several different types of granule packing machines are available in the market. The prices of these machines depend on their functionality, and they need maintenance. However, the machines are worth the investment. A reliable granule packing machine will save you a lot of time and effort. You can make use of it for packaging puffed food, shrimp strip, melon seed and monosodium glutamate.