Gel Nails: Can It Be Done Without a Base Coat?

Gel nail polish has become a popular trend and has set out to revolutionize the professional beauty industry. Many people may not realize that many of these products (those sold by brands such as BLUESKY) have a base coat that must be applied before the gel polish can be applied. 

The question is: “Is it possible to use gel polish without a base coat?”. I’m going to discuss that exact issue right now, along with some reasons why it is recommended by most experts. 

Base Coat and Gel Nails:

Yes, it is possible to use gel polish without a base coat, but I do not recommend doing so. There are various reasons for this, the main one being that when you use gel polish without a base coat, you will likely experience chipping.

Using a base coat allows your manicure to last longer. There are specific reasons to use a base coat when you are applying gel polish. 

The main reason to use a base coat is to make sure that your natural nails are prepared for applying the color polish. Base coats tend to have strengthening ingredients in them, and when applied before the regular polish, it helps to prevent chipping and peeling of the manicure.

The base coat also gives your nails an added shine, as well as keeping them flexible when you wear the gel polish. It is recommended that you use a top coat along with your gel polish because it will keep your nails hard and shiny, and it will also protect them from chipping or cracking.

The Takeaway:

A high-quality base coat is a must for long-lasting gel nails that will not chip or crack easily. Try BLUESKY base coat for healthier and shinier gel nails for weeks. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Prep Your Nails For Gel Manicure At Home

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This short article will certainly help you to find out the basics of just how to prepare your nails for a gel manicure at home with detailed guidelines.

The items we utilize are BLUESKY Remove & Revitalize sets as well as elimination wraps – both are popular products in China as well as throughout the world. BLUESKY is among the leading suppliers of gel nail polish, gel nail art tools, gel nail treatment items & devices in China. Their array is huge & they have a variety of gel nail art products.

Gel Nails Preparation Overview:

  • The primary step to prep your nails for a gel manicure in the house is to soak your nails in a tiny dish full of warm water for about 5 minutes. This will certainly aid to saturate off the old nail gloss.
  • The following step is to push back your follicles as well as file the top of your nails. Submit from one side of the tip of your nail to the various other using little strokes, then repeat beyond.
  • You can use an orangewood stick or a steel follicle pusher to push back your cuticles as well as eliminate all the dead skin around your nails.
  • Tidying up is crucial also. Use a q-tip dipped in nail gloss remover to remove any kind of excess skin or dust around your nails.
  • After pushing back your follicles, it’s time for shaping! To attain the perfect shape, begin with a nail file in one hand and afterward hold the suggestion of your nail in between your thumb as well as your forefinger on the other hand. At this moment, you can control the form of your nail by just relocating back and forth up until it’s flawlessly formed. This might take some method, but it deserves it!
  • Last but not least, massage your follicles with any kind of oil of your preference. After a couple of mins, clean the nails again to eliminate any oil deposits.


There are several kinds of blooming and tie-dye nail gloss created for different seasons. Whenever I wear tie-dye as well as blossoms, it seems like a wonderful fairy from the woodland has actually come to visit me. If you are like me as well as want a nail gloss that brings colors to your nails, right here is a fast introduction to the new Bluesky Blossom Gel Polish series.

Bluesky Bloom Gel Toenail Polish:

Honestly talking, the Bluesky Blossom Gel Gloss is the best product of its kind that I have actually ever before checked. The gel gloss slides on efficiently, without bubbles or touches, as well as it dries promptly. It is an extremely soft and luscious item that is highly pigmented providing you a deep as well as abundant color in one application.

There is no undesirable odor to it, so it does not make your hands scent like nail polish eliminator does. The bottle’s style is easy to hold, and also the nozzle delivers a slim stream of polish for very easy application. Even if you are not a professional, you can easily apply it to your nails as well as obtain the same outcomes as a pro.

If you are a novice, then you can attempt BLUESKY GEL NAIL POLISH STARTER KIT, that includes BLUESKY Gel Polish (3pcs/10ml),.

BLUESKY primer, BLUESKY topcoat, BLUESKY nail file, BLUESKY nail buffer, BLUESKY 24W LED/UV nail lamp, BLUESKY cleansing wipes (20 pieces/box). This set of products is really ideal for newbies. You can select a single-color application or a multi-color application.

All-time Low Line:.

The bottom line is that this is a very good item at a budget-friendly cost. Blossom Gel Toenail Polish series is not just simple to apply but also highly sturdy as well as has a high sparkle impact. It has good attachment residential properties, withstands chipping and also peeling, leaves no sticky sensation behind, dries fast, as well as is very easy to remove. So go and grab a few shades for yourself currently!

This is Why You Should Get a Gel Manicure

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If you’re a nail woman, you understand how a gel manicure can make you really feel– and also it’s not simply the instant gratification of 2 weeks without chipping. Whether you’ve never ever had one in the past, or obtained them all the time, a gel manicure is a high-end you are entitled to. Here are five reasons why you must think about obtaining a gel manicure:

Color Option:

You can get practically any type of shade you want. With typical nail gloss, the color is available in three various tones (clear, white, as well as pink). With gel, there are no constraints. You can go strong with intense colors or stick to something extra traditional.

Shiny Nails All Day Long:

Another advantage of gel polish is that it looks shiny as well as glossy all day long – also when your nails touchpoints like water bottles or silverware. Normal polish chips and also dull with time (specifically after treating under UV lights as I mentioned), yet gel gloss remains shiny and glossy.

Gel Nails Last:

Traditional nail gloss can chip or diminish within a couple of days. Gel nails provide lasting wear without breaking or cracking.

No Dry Time:

With conventional nail gloss, you need to kick back as well as await it to dry after you apply it, which contributes to the moment it requires to prepare yourself in the early morning. Gel nails dry under a UV light in as low as 30 seconds, so you do not need to wait at all!

Healthy And Balanced Hands as well as Nails:

The application process for gel nails makes use of no severe chemicals like other kinds of nail gloss do. Your hands will certainly be protected from irritation and damages during the application process; plus, the application process consists of hydrating your follicles and also surrounding skin to maintain your hands looking their finest.

The Takeaway:

Gel manicures are an enjoyable means to revive the fun of nail painting without the hassle and commitment of typical nail polish. Gel manicures will offer you the possibility to try out different shades and also shapes without destroying your nails.