Waterproof Splice Connectors

waterproof splice connectors

Waterproof Splice Connectors

Waterproof splice connectors are ideal for irrigation or sprinkler projects that require weather proof wiring. The revolutionary connectors feature a double O-ring seal that bars moisture from creeping in to the splice.

A simple one-step installation eliminates the need for tape, heat shrink or mastics. Just insert stripped wires and twist.

Easy to Install

Waterproof splice connectors are a convenient and easy-to-use solution for connecting multiple LED strips together or to RGB controllers without the need to solder. They are filled with corrosion-resistant sealant at the factory to protect waterproof splice connectors the connection from air and moisture. The connectors are color-coded and feature a handy wire size chart for quick identification of compatible LED strips and wire sizes. They are also compliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, and SGS standards for added peace of mind.

The waterproof splice connector is an ideal solution for landscape lighting installations, irrigation or sprinkler systems, and any project where the cable runs underground. Its pre-filled silicone fully encapsulates bare copper wires, closing all entryways against moisture and corrosion. A double O-ring seal bars water from creeping in, while latches secure the connector around the wires.

Unlike the traditional splice with solder, CoolSplice connectors do not require any special tooling to install. They are easy to terminate by using a common pair of pliers to push-button and insulate a stranded wire into an insulation displacement crimp contact. Suitable for splicing 22 AWG and 18 AWG (0.3 mm2 – 0.75 mm2) solid and stranded wire, CoolSplice connectors make reliable connections that are visually confirmed through the clear sidewall. A gel-filled version expands the CoolSplice portfolio into harsh environment applications requiring ingress protection from water and dust.

Weather Resistant

Using waterproof wire connectors is an effective way to ensure your electrical connections are protected from the weather. These connectors are filled with moisture resistant materials such as silicone, petroleum or grease to prevent corrosion of the exposed wire ends. They’re also insulated with polyolefin adhesive-lined heat shrink to protect the splice from water and other chemicals.

CoolSplice connectors are an industry leading solution for reliable and easy termination without the need for special tools or a complex process. Using push buttons and insulation displacement crimp technology, a common pair of pliers can be used to terminate the insulated wires into the terminal, making field termination quick and easy. Available in a variety of sizes for splicing 22 AWG to 12 AWG (0.34 mm2 – 4.0 mm2) solid and stranded wire, they’re perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Waterproof connectors are ideal for connections that need to be able to withstand the elements, such as sprinkler valve splices or repairs on outdoor lighting. They’re UL listed for use in damp and wet locations that are above ground and pre-filled with waterproof sealant to protect against moisture and corrosion.

Some models of these waterproof splice connectors are equipped with a double O-ring seal to prevent water from creeping in and latches to secure the connection in place. These features make them ideal for irrigation or sprinkler wire connectors and are a great alternative to time consuming tape, heat shrink and mastics.

Corrosion Resistant

Waterproof splice connectors are corrosion resistant, allowing you to make a secure connection that resists the elements. Many of these waterproof wire connectors feature a polyolefin adhesive-lined heat shrink that adheres to the cable jacket and splice to prevent moisture ingress. This makes them ideal for outdoor sensor installations, where the cable may be exposed to weather and the elements.

Other waterproof splice connectors feature a gel filled seal that protects the splice against humidity and other contaminants. These waterproof connectors are pre-filled with a nontoxic sealant at the factory, eliminating the need for primers and tapes to install a reliable splice. Some models are also re-enterable, making them perfect for direct bury applications and other harsh environments.

Waterproof connectors also make it easy to do irrigation valve splices and other wet jobs. Just insert the stripped wires and twist on the waterproof connector, ensuring it is closed securely to prevent moisture from entering the splice. Some of these waterproof connectors are UL listed for outdoor and direct bury applications, making them the ideal choice for irrigation, sprinkler, or any outdoor application where you need to splice wet and corrosive wiring. Choose from a wide selection of waterproof connectors, including top-rated products from Blazing Products, King Innovation, and Paige Electric.


As anyone who has worked in field installation of sensors will know, there are times when you must divert from the original plan and make a quick wire splice. In this case, you want to make sure that the new splice is as durable as possible to ensure that it will last and M12 waterproof connector not fail when exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, and even pressurized water used for cleaning.

Luckily, waterproof connectors are designed to provide high levels of protection and durability in these situations. They typically have a higher IP rating than other connector types and can withstand varying degrees of exposure to dust, short- and long-term immersion in liquids, and water jets at various pressures.

Another major benefit of these waterproof connectors is that they are easy to use. To splice a wire, all you need to do is strip back the insulation on the end of the wire to expose the bare copper, and then insert the wire into a waterproof solder splice connector. Then, heat the connector with a heat gun until solder flows around the wire, and then allow it to cool.

Some waterproof connectors also come with a tube of dielectric grease that you can apply to the splice, adding another layer of protection against water. This is especially useful in sensor circuits like thermistor connections, where any increase in resistance due to corrosion could change the input of the sensing device and send incorrect signals to the control board.

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