Waterproof Low Voltage Wire Connectors

waterproof low voltage wire connectors

Waterproof Low Voltage Wire Connectors

Waterproof wire connectors protect connections from moisture and the elements. They also prevent corrosion of exposed wire ends, which is particularly important in landscape lighting projects.

To choose the best waterproof electrical connector for your project, make sure to turn off the power before stripping any insulation and carefully align the ends of the wires you want to connect. Then, select the correct color code based on the size and type of wires it can accommodate.

1. Gardenreet Waterproof Connectors

Designed and engineered exclusively for landscape lighting by VOLT, this durable stainless steel junction box offers robust wire protection for line-voltage (120V) outdoor lighting applications. Built with internal clamp-type connectors, wires are simply inserted and clamped into the block to make fast and easy connections. This UL-Listed waterproof wiring junction box is ideal for use in a variety of outdoor lighting and landscaping applications and can be easily connected to the VOLT Smart Landscape Kit to unlock smart controls.

Easy Installation & DIY Friendly

Unlike plastic and aluminum fixtures, Gardenreet landscape in ground well lights are made with heavy-duty solid brass, offering superior durability and reliability that will last for years to come, and earning your neighbors envy. With a 6ft lead wire, a durable PVC stake, and two free connectors per fixture, Gardenreet landscape lighting kits are easy to install in most outdoor locations. And, with replaceable MR16 bulbs at the base, you can customize your favorite beam color and brightness to suit your landscape lighting needs.

The Dry-Crimp pre-filled wire connectors are a great solution for outdoor electrical connections in wet or damp areas because they are filled with a dielectric silicone sealant that will protect and waterproof the copper crimp and wire connection. This one-step waterproofing process waterproof low voltage wire connectors is also a great way to reduce the number of time-consuming products like tape, heat shrink or corrosion kits that are required when splicing electrical wire in wet and damp environments.

2. Blazing Waterproof Connectors

Blazing developed these waterproof connectors for the irrigation and Landscape Lighting industry with a focus on one thing: making a simpler and easier to use connector that provides better wire restraint and moisture protection than other competitors. They’re perfect for large bundles of irrigation and Landscape Lighting wiring, and the one-step latch snap holds wire tightly for maximum wire grip. Each connection comes prefilled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens.

Professional irrigation and Landscape Lighting professionals know that traditional twist-on connectors often fail to maintain a good connection and protect against moisture and corrosion. With Blazing’s patented snap lock system, you simply squeeze and lock to hydraulically pump in and pack the waterproof silicone that fully encapsulates all bare wire ends. A double O-ring seal bars water from creeping in, and the latches lock to ensure the connector stays on the wires. These waterproof connections are also vibration-proof and will not dangle off the end of the wires like other connectors often do. They’re ideal for low voltage sprinkler system splices, Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Wiring, Security System Splices, and Telephone wire splices.

3. DryConn Waterproof Connectors

This is a great item to have for any outdoor lighting or electrical job, especially in wet locations. The waterproof connectors are filled with a silicone type substance that oozes out and seals the connection when you put in the wire. It’s much safer and cleaner than using standard wire waterproof connector manufacturer nuts, which can leave a mess behind, or trying to wrap a bunch of electrical tape around the connections. Less than $9 for a pack of 20, this is an easy and effective way to connect your wires. Choose the small size for single wires, or the medium for up to three wires.

For more complex low voltage landscape lighting installations, you may need to make a direct bury splice of your cables. This is when the cable goes into the ground to your buried lights or other fixtures. These UL listed direct bury waterproof connectors are pre-filled with dielectric silicone that never hardens and have an easy latch lid for strain relief. They are ideal for tracer wires, cathodic applications and are a quick and safe solution to waterproofing your outdoor electrical connections. They are also rust resistant, making them perfect for harsh outdoor environments. These are a must-have item for any professional electrician or homeowner. They are made in the USA and backed by King Innovation’s lifetime warranty.

4. King Innovation Waterproof Connectors

King Innovation offers a waterproof solution for outdoor low voltage wire splices in wet and damped locations. Their orange nut waterproof connectors are UL listed and rated up to 600 V building wire or up to 1000V for signs and luminaries. They are corrosion proof, abrasion resistant, impact resistant and can be used in above ground or direct buried applications. They are easy to use, requiring no pre-twisting and they come prefilled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens.

HomElectrical has these waterproof wire connectors in bulk by the case, as well as a large quantity of single-use orange splice connectors. They are a must-have for any landscape lighting or irrigation system installer and will pass any electrical inspection.

Waterproof wire connectors are a must in wet or damp locations for safety and proper conductivity. King Innovation’s DryConn waterproof wire connectors are a simple, one-step connection that allows you to bypass the unneeded pre-twisting and come prefilled with a dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens. They are perfect for landscape lighting and irrigation systems and can be used in above ground or direct burial applications.

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