Waterproof Crimp Connectors

waterproof crimp connectors

Waterproof Crimp Connectors

Designed for use in permanent electrical installations that require full protection against water, damp and dust. They are easy to connect and provide safety for wiring.

Great for making wiring extensions in a corrosive saltwater environment. Just place them over the ends of two wires and heat them with a heat gun to make a solderless connection and seal it from moisture.

Wire Sizes

A waterproof crimp connector is a type of terminal that protects the wire from pull-out abrasions and moisture. They have a built-in solder sleeve and a dual-wall heat shrink tubing with hot-melt adhesive that provides a good seal for the connection. They are standardized in sizes so you can easily identify the proper ones for your connections. They can be used in trailer wiring, auto wiring and other electrical projects.

You can use a ratcheting crimping tool to crimp the connectors. Make sure the crimp is tight so it will stay on the wire. Once you’re done, put a little bit of solder on the stripped end of the wire to prevent the corrosion of the copper.

The waterproof crimp connectors come with different wire sizes. They are insulated and compatible for AC and DC circuits. Some have a tinned copper barrel that resists corrosion. These are easy to use and they have a good seal on the ends. You can also buy them in kits. These have all the necessary parts that you need, including a crimping tool and a case.

Some kits have assorted crimps and connectors in different colors and a crimping tool. You can choose from rings, butt splices, forks and hooks for a variety of applications. Some even have a plastic organizer case for easier storage and organization.


These waterproof wire connectors are a great option for electrical projects that require a durable and reliable connection. They feature thick copper barrels that ensure a strong crimp and prevent any electrical leakage. They also have dual wall heat-shrink tubing with adhesive inside, which prevents corrosion and water damage. Plus, the tubing is abrasion resistant and easy to install.

These waterproof insulated wire connectors are ideal for automotive and marine applications. They waterproof crimp connectors are designed with a high-quality, tinned copper barrel and polyolefin heat-shrink tubing that provides a secure, insulated connection. Plus, they are UL listed and RoHS compliant to guarantee safety and quality.

The insulated terminals are also waterproof and dustproof, making them an excellent choice for outdoor lighting applications. This includes outdoor fountains, billboard displays, and road landscape lights. Plus, the crimp connectors are made of PA66 material and V-0 flame retardant to prevent any issues caused by extreme temperatures or humidity.

These crimp and seal sealed electrical butt connectors are a great solution for all of your automotive and electrical projects. The insulator is made from environmentally-friendly nylon, and the heat shrink tubing is made from PVC and polyolefin materials. These waterproof electrical butt connectors are easy to install under soldering and waterproof connector manufacturer crimping, and they are compatible with AC and DC circuits. In addition, they are rated to withstand a wide temperature range and resist corrosion and electro-static interference.


This blue crimp connector is designed for use with 1614awg wires, making it an ideal option for a wide range of applications. Its high-quality tinned copper core ensures a firm and durable connection that can withstand the test of time. It also offers efficient insulation that helps protect against voltage drop and signal loss. Additionally, it is water-resistant and has an IP68 rating, providing complete protection against moisture and dampness.

This heat shrink waterproof connector is easy to install and provides an excellent seal for your wiring connections. Simply peel the insulation from the wire and insert it into the connector, then crimp it using a crimping tool to secure it in place. Once it’s firmly crimped, the heat-activated sealant will melt and bond the wire to the connector, creating a long-lasting, waterproof connection.

The connector is also color-coded for easy identification and comes with a handy wire size chart, so you can quickly find the correct one for your application. It also features a dual-walled design that keeps the solder sleeve from melting through the insulation tubing. You can also choose from a range of different sizes to suit your specific needs. This kit includes a variety of commonly used crimp connectors for all popular wire sizes, in an organized case. It’s perfect for keeping in your toolbox for unexpected repairs or projects.


Waterproof connectors are an excellent solution for applications where a connection needs to stand up to the elements. They are designed to withstand corrosion and have a higher IP rating than metal connectors. They also offer a number of benefits that metal connectors cannot match, including ease of use and resistance to rust and other forms of damage.

For example, waterproof crimp connectors are ideal for marine applications, where they can be used to connect various electrical and wiring components on boats and ships. They can be used to connect wiring for lighting systems, navigation equipment, or even the battery terminals of a boat’s alternator.

When properly installed, waterproof crimp connectors can also provide better reliability than soldered connections. Soldering can cause fatigue and breakage of the wire, especially in situations that require a lot of flexing. But when you crimp wires together, they’re much less likely to break or fatigue, provided the crimp is made with a high-quality crimp tool and a good quality pliers.

Another benefit of waterproof crimp connectors is that they’re easy to integrate into existing systems. They often feature standardized connection interfaces, making it easy to add them into existing setups without major modifications or downtime. This versatility and adaptability make them an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and technological contexts.

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