A Smart Cart Filling Machine Can Double Your Output and Save You Money

A Smart Cart Filling Machine Can Double Your Output and Save You Money

If you’re a larger operation with a tight-knit crew and high production goals, an automatic cart filling machine is a necessity. It can double your output and save you money in the long run.

Price varies significantly with these machines, but there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, check the reservoir and line material. You want to avoid anything reactive with terped distillates.

Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

As the cannabis community demands efficient, Semi Auto Cartridge Filling Gun discreet and highly potent concentrate vape cartridges, manufacturers need a reliable, fast and accurate means of filling hundreds or even thousands of them per day. The answer lies with the automatic cartridge filling machine, a smart and effective production tool that expedites output while improving quality.

Automatic Cartridge Filling Machines (AVCF) automate and control the pumping, dispensing, and closing processes for 10.5, 14 & 30 oz, fiber or plastic cartridges. They feature a heated product reservoir and delivery system, adjustable shot size and volumetric product metering for a controlled, repeatable fill. They also have a patented pneumatic closure mechanism that delivers an air-free bottom up fill and requires no external pressure source. In addition, many offer a standardized capping process while others are compatible with an existing capping machine. AVCF’s are typically the highest-performing type of cartridge filling equipment, but they can also be the most expensive and require more operator training.

A key factor when determining which cartridge filling machine to purchase is the number of cartridge/device styles that it can handle. Most auto cartridge filling machines are built for versatility and can be used with glass, polycarbonate and all-ceramic devices as well as 510-compatible dab rigs. Some models can also be adapted to work with a wide variety of concentrate types, including distillates and live resin extracts.

Another important feature to consider is the speed at which each unit can be filled and closed, along with how much the automated process reduces operator error. Compared to manual machinery, the accuracy of an automatic cart filling machine is significantly improved and results in a lower number of inconsistencies in volume versus the cartridge capping machine 2% or so that can occur with manual methods. Additionally, some systems automatically declutch the loader when the cartridges are full, eliminating a need for continuous operator attention and minimizing opportunistic errors.

Some systems also include data reporting and analysis capabilities to help producers monitor production trends over time. This enables them to adjust the operation of the machine or implement additional quality management checkpoints when necessary. This is especially valuable for producers who have to comply with strict state regulations regarding cartridge production.

While the cost of an automatic cart filling machine is high, it’s worth investing in one if you want to improve your production and quality while maintaining efficiency and consistency. The automation and precision that these machines provide ensures that every cartridge is filled correctly the first time, reducing waste, production errors and wasted cartridges.

A manual cartridge filling machine is more affordable, but it’s still an investment that requires a lot of human effort and can result in inconsistent and inaccurate volume. Additionally, manual machines often have to be cleaned between different strains or at the end of each production run, which can take more time and money than an automated system. A smart decision is to look for a semi or fully-automatic machine that has an integrated clean in place system. A robust system that can quickly and easily be cleaned between strains or at the end of the production day is a must for any cartridge/device manufacturer looking to maximize production while lowering operating costs.

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