Cartridge Capping Machine Options

Cartridge Capping Machine Options

There are several capping machine options out there, from manual hand presses to automatic capping machines. These devices can cap multiple cartridges at once to maximize your daily production.

Choosing the right device for your needs will depend on the size of your business and your budget. Smaller manual and semi-automatic machines cost less than larger fully automated ones, which require specialized hardware jigs.

Spindle Capping Machine

The Spindle Capping Machine offers the most flexibility of any capping machine and is compatible with a range of different cap styles. This is the type of capper that you will find in many production lines for bottles and containers containing liquids like distilled spirits, olive oils, cosmetics, window cleaners, and medications that require a secure seal.

This model of capping machine is typically used in conjunction with a cap sorting elevator or a vibratory bowl feeder system to automatically position caps for introduction to bottles on the power conveyor belt. The cap chute’s fingers grip and free the caps one at a time, making sure that each cap is properly aligned with a container for reliable tightening.

Bottles are stabilized with tool-less gripper side belts on both sides to avoid spills or misalignment while the caps are tightened by 4, 6 matched spinning disks that can apply just the right amount of torque on caps without over-tightening them and risking a broken bottle or loose cap. The gripper belts also keep the bottles steady as they move through the machine, keeping them centered on the conveyor and avoiding any tipping or jarring that could compromise a good seal.

If you decide to purchase this kind of capping machine, it is important that your conveyor cartridge capping machine system be level before you can use the equipment. If it is not, you will struggle to get a consistent, reliable, and repeatable capping process.

Press-on Mouthpiece Machine

A press-on mouthpiece capping machine is designed to cap tamper-resistant, press style 510 cartridge mouthpieces onto empty disposable cartridges. This type of capping machines are able to cap multiple cartridges at once, increasing efficiency and production capacity for cartridge filling facilities.

These machines also feature an internal mechanism that allows them to apply a precise amount of pressure to the top of a mouthpiece, which ensures a tight seal every time. This helps to prevent leaking, which can be problematic for the overall quality of the finished product. The amount of pressure applied to the mouthpiece is based on the size of the openings in the cartridge body.

One of the best benefits of this type of capping machine is that it can also be used to cap vaporizer devices. A vaporizer is an electronic device best cart filling machine that heats cannabis oil to create vapor. It is designed to provide users with a clean, consistent, and portable way to consume cannabis products.

Modern cartridges are designed to be tamper resistant and feature a snap-on lock system that is easy to use. This helps to protect the integrity of the oil and reduce oxidation. It also makes the cartridge non-refillable and tamper-resistant, which is critical for selling into highly regulated markets.

While there are differences in the exact acceptable minimum and maximum times between filling a cartridge and capping it, most manufacturers recommend that all filled carts are capped as soon as possible to minimize waste and exposure to oxygen. For this reason, a new cartridge capping machine can be an invaluable asset to any growing cannabis business.

Screw-on Mouthpiece Machine

There may come a time when a business needs to look at the types of capping options available for their production. Perhaps the amount of wasted product or rate of error is starting to outweigh the benefits of an operator hand capping each cartridge. Or maybe it’s simply a matter of finding the right balance between maximizing growth potential and maintaining quality with automated capping.

In this case, an operator would use a screw-on machine which primarily affixes a screw-on mouthpiece to the top of each cartridge. This type of machine typically works by using a rotating piece to apply a small amount of force and torque on the cartridge cap to screw it on to the mouthpiece. This can reduce the overall speed of the process but offers much greater volumes of output than a manual arbor hand press could provide.

Another advantage of this style of machine is that it helps to eliminate any possibility of too much or too little force being applied during the operation. This results in fewer defects and more consistency between cartridges. As an added bonus, this type of capping machine typically does not require any additional materials such as glue or adhesives to operate. This can help to reduce the overall cost of ownership for a business. This model of cartridge capping machine can also be used to affix press-on mouthpieces to the 510 thread of a variety of different vaporizing hardware products.

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