Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pre Rolled Cone Filling Machine

pre rolled cone filling machine

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pre Rolled Cone Filling Machine

Choosing the right pre rolled cone filling machine for your company’s production line can significantly reduce overall costs and increase efficiency. Here are some factors to consider when making your selection.

The Knockbox by Futdurola is easy to customize and has a competitive price tag. It can be outfitted with a trimmer, second compaction station, and cone changeover kit.


One of the most important factors when purchasing a pre-roll machine is how fast it can produce cones. A high instantaneous speed is a good indicator of efficiency, but it’s important to look at the entire workflow when making a buying decision. Hiring additional workers may be the best way to increase production, but this isn’t always an option for businesses with limited budgets. Fortunately, pre-roll machines and their accessories can streamline the production process, eliminating many manual tasks that slow down productivity.

For example, the Futurola Knockbox can fill up to 100 cones in two minutes, making it the fastest cone-filling machine on the market. This machine also has a wide range of compatibility, allowing it to accommodate cone sizes from 84 millimeters to 109 millimeters. It also offers a high level of precision, filling each cone evenly and consistently.

Unlike most pre-roll machines, the Knockbox uses vibration to pack the cones rather than gravity or force. This allows it to achieve higher levels of consistency than other pre-roll machines, resulting in a better-quality end product. However, the machine is not as efficient as it could be. A single worker can complete the process in 18 minutes, and adding additional add-ons can increase this number significantly.


When choosing a cone filling machine, it’s important to consider your business’s production needs and workflow. While some pre-roll machines claim high instantaneous speeds (like 300 cones in two minutes), they may require extensive labor before and after the operation cycle. If you need to make hundreds or thousands of pre-rolls per day, a commercial model might be more appropriate for your workflow than a desktop unit.

Many pre-roll machines have adjustable trays that allow for multiple cone sizes. For instance, the King Kone machine comes with three different sized cartridges that can be swapped out for different configurations. This allows for more versatility and helps to maximize production capacity. However, the King Kone is less versatile than its competitors when it comes to closing and twisting pre-rolls.

Other pre-roll machines can be equipped with various attachments to increase their capabilities. For example, the STM Mini-Rocketbox Plus pre rolled cone filling machine can be upgraded to include an additional compaction station, a second trimmer, and a cone changeover kit. This customization significantly reduces processing time and makes it easier to hit target weights.

Adding additional accessories to the cone packer starter kit can also significantly decrease the time it takes to process 100 pre-rolls. For example, a dutch crown device can cut the time it takes to close each joint by around 10 seconds. Similarly, a cone loader can reduce the amount of time it takes to place each paper cone into the machine by 5-10 minutes.


The most obvious benefit of a pre-roll machine is its speed. You’ll be able to produce significantly more cones in the same amount of time as you would rolling them by hand. But, that’s not the only factor to consider when evaluating the efficiency of your pre-rolling machine.

The quality of your cones is equally important. A well-packed pre-roll will burn evenly and deliver a premium smoking experience. Ideally, you’ll want to use your pre-roll machine in tandem with an industrial weed grinder and sifter, which is another upfront cost to consider when making your purchase.

A pre-roll machine also reduces labor costs by automating tasks that were once done manually, such as loading cones into a machine and closing them with a twist or fold. Some machines, like the Knockbox 3/100, even have a tamping tool attachment to speed up this process. The tamping and twisting processes are the parts of the process that tend to take the longest, so having the right add-ons will further decrease your downtime and increase your productivity.

Some other useful add-ons include a metering tray, which will help you be more accurate when loading your cones into the machine, and a dutch crown device which can close your pre-rolls pre rolled cone filling machine with the push of a button. All of these features can cut your downtime by 10 minutes or more per 100 cones, depending on the type of machine you choose.


A pre-rolled cone filling machine is one of the most important tools for a cannabis business, as it saves time, money, and product. It also allows companies to focus on a higher quality of pre-rolls and other products, which is a huge benefit for their customer base.

Cone-filling machines work in various ways, but they all provide a fast and efficient way to pack cones. Using these machines ensures that your cones are filled correctly, preventing waste and ensuring that you have a high-quality end product. Cone-filling machines are ideal for both experienced and novice cone-rollers alike.

Many cone-filling machines include a spreader, which helps the machine disperse the material evenly. This is vital for the consistency and density of your cones, as too much or too little material will have a negative impact on the smoking experience and flavor.

Another component of these machines is a compaction device, which tamps down the cannabis and creates a firm pack in your cone. Some machines have a rolling and sealing mechanism to complete the process, while others do not. This feature is especially helpful for newcomers who haven’t mastered the rolling technique and want to save time.

When selecting a cone-filling machine, consider the size of your business and your budget. There are a variety of options available for both small and large businesses, so you can choose the machine that best fits your needs.

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