Cartridge & Pod Filling Machines

Cartridge  Pod Filling Machines

Cartridge & Pod Filling Machines

Cartridge & Pod Filling Machines are essential tools for manufacturing cannabis- and vape-related products. They help reduce wasted oil, increase production time and deliver consistent volumes of product.

When choosing a cartridge-filling device, Cartridge & Pod Filling Machines consider factors like price, lead-time, production capabilities, warranty and service/support options. These devices vary in their ability to accommodate different materials and production rates.


Cartridge filling machines reduce the time required to produce cartridges, allowing for higher production rates and increased profit margins. They also ensure that cartridges are filled accurately and consistently, reducing the chance of errors and contamination. Manual cartridge-filling devices are cheaper upfront but can be expensive in the long run due to the need for human operators and can lead to inconsistent product volumes. Fully-automatic cartridge-filling machines are more expensive but can reduce production costs and offer a higher level of accuracy.

When choosing a cartridge-filling machine, consider the type of product you’ll be using, cartridge sizes and production requirements. Some types of products, like thick oils or concentrates, can be difficult to fill manually, so a device that can handle high viscosity materials is essential. Also, consider the price and lead-time as well as service/warranty options when selecting a machine to meet your production needs.

The CoolJarz ML-1VF is a small, easy-to-use cartridge-filling machine designed for low-volume product. This machine has a box-like structure that keeps outside contaminants from entering the oil tanks and can accommodate different types of cartridges. The ML-1VF features a dual nozzle system that allows users to customize the volume of product dispensed. However, this cartridge-filling machine has one of the largest travel paths on our list at +30”, resulting in heat loss and blockages within the system. This can make it difficult to use for high-viscosity oils such as Delta 8.


Manual cartridge filling machines are used for a variety of low-volume, viscous products including cannabis/hemp extracts. This type of equipment uses pressure or suction to draw the requested liquid into the cartridge and then removes the needle once the desired amount of material has been placed in each cartridge. This process ensures consistent quality and helps manufacturers meet specific product standards and specifications.

These types of cartridge filling machines are also often combined with automatic capping devices. This allows companies to fully automate their production process, which reduces the risk of human error and increases efficiency. In addition, these types of devices are typically cheaper than fully automated cartridge filling systems and require less maintenance.

Cartridge-filling machines can be customized to accommodate a variety of materials and varying degrees of viscosity. The best choice is a machine that is compatible with your chosen material and can be adjusted to the appropriate settings in order to produce an accurate, precise fill. This can help you maximize your yield and avoid waste by minimizing overfilling or underfilling.

Most cartridge filler machines can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of cartridges. This is especially important for distillate producers, who are beginning to choose cartridges that many fillers cannot handle. For example, CoolJarz’s HotShot Cartridge Filler is capable of filling a wide range of cartridge sizes and can be modified to accommodate Delta 8 distillate, live resin, or high-viscosity concentrates. It’s also well-made from 7075 aluminum and is designed to be easy to use with little or no vendor training.


Manual filling machines are operated by a single operator and are best suited for companies that do not require the high-production capacity of semi or fully automatic cartridge-filling systems. Using a syringe, the operator manually adds oil to a pre-assembled cart or pod with a blunt tip. This type of machine requires a certain amount of practice to ensure consistent, accurate results. Manual machines also allow for flexible production, as they can be used to produce a variety of different cartridge sizes and shapes.

Another important consideration when choosing a manual cartridge-filling machine is that it must be compatible with the material being filled. A wide range of materials can be utilized by this type of machine, including e-liquids, oils, and cannabis/hemp extracts. However, it is essential that the machine be able to handle the viscosity of the material being used.

The advantage of a manual filling machine is that it is less expensive than a semi or full-automatic cartridge-filling system. Additionally, it is easier to use than a syringe and can reduce the risk of contaminants entering the cartridge being filled. Nevertheless, it is important Cartridge & Pod Filling Machines to note that a manual filling machine will not reduce the overall manufacturing time as compared to a semi or automatic machine. This is because the process of putting the product in a cartridge and capping it takes time.


For producers looking to maximize production capacity and output, an automatic cartridge filling machine is ideal. This type of device can automatically fill and seal a large number of cartridges in a single pass, saving manufacturers time and money. In addition, these machines can help reduce the risk of errors by ensuring that each cartridge is filled to the correct measurements.

The right cannabis oil cartridge filling machine can also help protect delicate terpenes during the extraction process. This is important because terpenes are fragile and can be lost or eliminated during the extraction process. It’s also helpful to use a cartridge filling machine that has an efficient and automated clean in place process to save on cleaning time between different strains or at the end of the day.

A fully-automatic oil cartridge machine can be the most expensive option, but it offers the highest level of precision and consistency in terms of product volume. Additionally, it can be integrated with a capping machine to streamline the entire production process.

A distillate cartridge filling machine can significantly increase your production capacity and help you meet the demand of the industry. For example, a fully-automatic vaporizer cartridge filling machine can produce 8,000 carts per day, which is much more than a team of hardworking employees could do by hand.

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