Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

automatic cartridge filling machine

Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

Cartridge filling machine allows manufacturers to create a larger number of cartridges in a shorter amount of time. It also increases the consistency of the product and reduces waste.

Many cartridge-filling machines come with a variety of different hardware to accommodate a wide range of device styles and oil viscosities. Some even include data reporting to track production trends and quality management.

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Within the oil & concentrate industry, new and innovative automatic cartridge filling machine products are continually rolling out. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one will work best for a specific business and production needs. Some key considerations include price, lead-time, production capability and warranty/service.

The Thompson Duke ACF-1 is an automatic cartridge filling machine that can produce up to 1,000 vape carts per hour with a push of a button. It is one of the most popular choices due to its affordability, distribution and easy-to-use interface. This machine comes equipped with several modular pieces and requires a large work surface. It also has the largest travel path which can cause heat loss and blockage if not properly cleaned and maintained.

A fully automated cartridge filling machine can save businesses money by reducing labor costs and eliminating human error. It can also improve consistency and productivity by automating the process. Moreover, it can help producers avoid over-filling or under-filling their product, which can lead to wasted materials and inconsistencies in the quality of final products.

Unlike manual cartridge fillers, these machines can be operated remotely and from any internet-capable device. They feature an ultra-responsive 11.8’’ touchscreen, allowing operators to monitor and adjust their cartridges on the go without a secondary device. They also come equipped with a new CPU to ensure faster user response times and hardware reliability.


Jacksam Corporation dba Convectium is a workflow automation company focused on developing machinery and equipment solutions for the cannabis industry. Its products include a line of automated filling and capping machines that can help growers reduce production time and costs. The Company also offers an integrated system that helps companies track and trace batches of infused products.

Using an automatic cartridge filling machine can significantly increase production. It can reduce the number of steps needed to fill a single cartridge and increase consistency in the final product. It can also prevent errors that can occur during the filling process. However, it is important to remember that the machine is not infallible, and it can still be damaged or broken if not used properly. In addition, the cost of labor is usually higher for an automatic machine than a manual one.

The HotShot 1500 is a semi-automatic cartridge filler that can produce up to 16-20 cartridges per minute. It can handle a variety of viscosity levels and is well suited for use with distillates and Delta 8 varieties. It is built with high-quality 7075 aluminum and comes with a US-based warranty. It is also easy to operate without vendor training, and it provides support through videos on their website and phone/video conferencing during the workweek.

In addition to its automated cartridge filling machine, the company has recently released a new product, the IFX-100. This new machine is designed to fill a range of cartridges, including stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic, as well as disposable ones. It can also be configured to fill pre-rolls.


If you’re looking for an automatic cartridge filling machine, you have a few different options on the market. These machines range in price, lead-time, production, service/warranty and overall capabilities. While some may be better for you than others, it’s important to consider all of your needs before choosing one.

The Thompson Duke Industrial IZRC is designed specifically to streamline large-scale, industrial cartridge filling and capping operations. It features a customizable system that allows you to fill cartridges, pods, capsules, syringes and jars directly in manufacturer packaging. The IZRC is also cETLus certified and GMP-ready.

This machine can fill nearly every type of cartridge and POD as well as capsules, syringes, and jars. It can be easily adjusted to fit new devices as they are introduced into the market. Its patented, heated oil dispense system allows for precise control of viscosity to ensure accurate filling. It can also be easily swapped between oil formulas in less than a minute. The food safe, laboratory grade dispense components are easy to clean and have very little heat loss when switching between oils.

The FTLD ASCERA is an automatic cartridge filling machine that can be used automatic cartridge filling machine to infuse pre-rolled joints with cannabis oil or concentrate. Its automated infusion system allows you to control the amount of cannabis that is infused into each pre-rolled joint while reducing your operating costs.


If you are a producer or dispensary owner, you know how tedious it can be to fill thousands of carts per day with manual cartridge syringes. This is especially true if you are working with thicker, higher viscosity oils that require more heat to disperse but don’t want to evaporate the terpenes in the process. In this case, a semi-automatic cartridge filling machine is the best option.

The CoolJarz A10 Hotshot was designed to make this task easier for you. With a single click of a button, this machine can produce a fully filled 510 cart in less than half a second. This is accomplished by automating the shot size and making each dispense as precise as possible. It also works with a wide range of oil viscosities including distillate as thick as honey.

Another benefit of using a semi-automatic filler is the ability to set up the unit based on your exact production needs. This allows you to create a repeatable fill cycle that is consistent and reliable. This can save you time, money and improve system performance.

In addition to these benefits, this machine can help you stay ahead of the competition by ensuring your carts are ready for sale at all times. This will keep your customers happy and increase sales. Additionally, the machine has a new feature that will allow you to easily clean your cartridges with one-touch buttons. This will reduce the risk of contamination and keep your carts looking professional.

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