Tattoo Removal With the Picosure Laser Machine

picosure laser machine

Tattoo Removal With the Picosure Laser Machine

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, picosure doesn’t rely solely on heat to burn and break down unwanted pigments like tattoo ink or freckles. Instead, the US-FDA approved Cynosure PicoSure system emits bursts of pressure to treat these spots more effectively.

This advanced technology is also associated with fewer treatments and more comfortable results. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary aesthetic laser machine.

Ultra-Short Pulse Duration

The picosure laser machine has a very short pulse duration that allows it to safely and effectively remove tattoo ink particles without causing any damage or discomfort to the skin. The ultra-short pulse duration means that the laser can deliver a high amount of energy in such a short time frame that it causes the ink particles to break down into tiny fragments, which are then eliminated by the body’s natural immune system.

Unlike longer pulses, which have a wide optical bandwidth, ultra-short light pulses have a very narrow one. This is because their instantaneous frequency is nearly constant, while the optical spectrum has a width of about a few optical cycles (or temporally a few femtoseconds).

Pulse durations can be made much shorter by applying various methods of pulse compression, but in general it’s necessary to start with an extremely short laser pulse. The shortest pulses directly generated with mode-locked lasers, such as Kerr lens mode-locked titanium-sapphire lasers, have durations of around 5 femtoseconds.

However, it’s also possible to generate pulses with even shorter durations by Custom fashion accessories applying other techniques such as optical harmonic generation. Pulse durations in the femtosecond range can be measured using fast sampling photodiodes and oscilloscopes or streak cameras. In the femtosecond regime, the spectral and spatial shape of the laser pulses can be determined by cross-correlation and phase-shifting measurements.

Effectively Targets and Breaks Down Ink Particles

The Cynosure PicoSure PRO device uses ultra-short laser bursts to break up pigmented spots on the skin, reducing the number of treatments needed for full results. The device’s patented PressureWaveTM technology delivers energy that is more hyper-focused than traditional nanosecond tattoo removal lasers, breaking up ink into small particles that are similar to dust. The body’s immune system absorbs and eliminates these fragmented ink particles, gradually fading the tattoo.

Picosure’s short laser pulses are more effective at breaking up the melanin pigments found in ink than traditional tattoo removal technologies. These shorter laser pulses are also less likely to heat the surrounding skin, which reduces the risk of thermal damage. The device’s OPTIBEAM II handpiece provides flat-top spot shapes of different sizes and a uniform fluence to allow treatment of large areas with fewer laser treatments.

Because the laser’s light is so short, it can effectively penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where ink is stored. This allows it to effectively break down the ink pigments without damaging the surrounding skin. This makes the picosure laser an ideal option for treating darker tattoos that are difficult to remove with other technologies, such as Nd: YAG or alexandrite lasers.

Picosure’s ability to break down ink pigments and melanin pigments has helped to make it an ideal solution for removing unwanted tattoos, as well as reducing the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, and other types of discoloration. However, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding pre-and post-treatment care.

Minimizes Risk of Damage to the Skin

The picosure laser machine is able to perform tattoo removal, skin tightening, and pigmented lesion removal with minimal risk of damage to the surrounding tissue. Its short pulse duration produces a photomechanical effect, allowing it to break down intense pulsed lighthair removal ink particles into much smaller fragments than older technologies. The fragments are more easily eliminated by the body’s immune system, which is what makes this type of treatment so effective for tattoo removal.

The Focus lens array also distributes energy more evenly throughout the layers of the skin, preventing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. While there is still some heat produced during the treatment, it’s much less than with laser treatments that use older technology.

It also uses a different kind of energy that doesn’t cause open injuries, but rather creates gentle pressure waves all over the skin. These pressure waves activate cell signaling, which encourages the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This improves the elasticity and plumpness of the skin.

The Cynosure picosure laser is very safe for people with darker skin, and it’s actually more effective than other more aggressive treatments for those with brown spots or other blemishes. Although you’ll still need to avoid tanning (real or fake) and certain medications that make your skin sensitive to light, you won’t have to be as careful as with some other types of lasers.

Minimizes Downtime

In addition to tattoo removal, Picosure’s Focus Lens Array can be used for skin rejuvenation and reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The light energy that is emitted by the device sends a signal to the epidermis, which triggers the body’s production of proteins known as collagen and elastin. These natural skin proteins have several functions, including tightening the skin and giving it a more youthful and firm appearance.

In many cases, Picosure is able to erase an unwanted tattoo in three to six treatment sessions. The device’s varying wavelength frequencies allow it to target the pigment and break it down, effectively removing the ink. It is also able to target the different colors found in the tattoo, making it ideal for patients with various skin types and complexions.

Unwanted pigmentation on the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and even an old tattoo that you have outgrown can be frustrating to deal with. However, you can minimize the impact these issues have on your confidence and aesthetic by working with a board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Michele Green, who is an expert in the Picosure laser machine, can help you reduce the appearance of these imperfections and achieve a more radiant look. She works with patients of all skin types, including those with darker complexions who may be worried about the safety of certain laser treatments.

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