Small Cone Filling Machine

small cone filling machine

Small Cone Filling Machine

A small cone filling machine can help you produce high-quality pre-rolls at an accelerated rate. It will save you time and money compared to hand-filling your joints. It is also ideal for storing your pre-rolls in doob tubes or premium glass tubes.

Place the cone machine on a vibration table and insert the cone riser into its hole. Then, use the included tamping tool to compress and tightly pack your cones during operation.


Whether you’re looking for a cone filling machine to produce 169 pre-rolls in three minutes or just something that can do smaller batches, there’s a machine out there for you. A cone filling machine can help you increase your production and reduce your labor costs. However, it’s important not to let the number of slots small cone filling machine hold too much sway on your decision. You should also consider other stages of pre-roll production that need to be completed after a batch is made, such as tamping and twisting or folding your joints.

Some machines have more than one slot and can handle a variety of cone sizes. For example, the Thousand Per Hour 128 cone filling machine can be used to produce half gram 84mm, 3/4 gram 98mm, or even full gram 109mm king-size pre-rolls with ease. This type of machine is perfect for dispensaries and other companies with high daily cone outputs.

Another great feature of a small cone filling machine is that it can compress and tightly pack the joints. This is important because a loose joint can lead to a messy appearance and could affect the taste of your final product. Many cone filling machines have a cone packing tool that can be attached to the base of the machine, which helps you compress the pre-rolls during operation.


A cone filling machine can help you automate the process of packing pre-rolls, reducing your labor costs and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. These machines come in various sizes, and you can even buy custom attachments to accommodate larger cone sizes. For example, the King Kone cone filler can pack 169 cones in three minutes, making it the ideal option for large scale production.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the more holes on a cone-filling machine, the more pre-rolls it will produce per shift. However, the bottleneck is actually in how quickly you can tamp, weigh, twist/fold, and insert each pre-roll into packaging.

One of the best ways to improve your cone filling machine’s speed is to use a modular system. This allows you to purchase additional cartridges as your production grows. The Fast Fill 55 and 121 are two excellent options for businesses that are just getting started.

Another way to improve your cone-filling machine’s speed is to use metering trays. These trays are thick slabs of plastic that have the same number of holes as your cone-filling machine, and they allow you to estimate how much weight of your product will drop into each hole. You can also find a model that uses a vibrating motor to increase the speed at which your products are packaged.


A small cone filling machine can be a great asset for businesses producing pre-rolls at scale. These machines reduce labor costs by automating repetitive tasks. They also help you maintain a high quality product and build a loyal client base that appreciates consistency. They are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport.

To increase efficiency, consider a machine that can be fitted with a dutch crowning device or another pre-roll finishing tool. These tools can add value to your products by allowing you to package them in doob tubes or premium multi-packs. The Knockbox 3/100 from Futurola is an efficient option for commercial cone filling and comes with custom attachments for different types of pre-rolls.

The fast cone filling machine also includes a cone riser that helps to pack the cones tightly. Once you are satisfied that the cones are full, remove them from the machine and twist or fold them closed. You can then small cone filling machine place them in doob tubes or premium glass tubes for added protection.

Despite being fast, it’s important to remember that cone filling is only one part of the pre-roll production process. A lot of other stages must be taken into consideration, including removing and checking weights, tamping, and finally packaging. Buying the machine with the most openings will not necessarily make your production faster, since these other processes will still take time.


If you’re a dispensary owner, it’s likely that your cone production is slowing down. This is largely due to the amount of time it takes to hand-roll and package each cone individually. Using a cone filling machine can speed up the process, and it also helps ensure consistency with your product quality.

These machines work by delivering a precise amount of cannabis to each pre-roll. They can also be customized to fit your specific cones and packaging requirements. They can also be used in conjunction with a spreader to distribute the cannabis evenly across your finished products. This is important because overfilling or underfilling your cones will affect the burn and taste of the final product.

Another benefit of cone-filling machines is that they help reduce the cost of producing your product. These machines allow you to mass-produce cones at a lower rate, which in turn saves on labor costs. This allows you to compete with larger marijuana companies and build a loyal customer base.

The King Kone machine is ideal for smaller farms or businesses just entering the world of cones. It works with standard 84mm, 3/4 gram, and 109mm pre-rolled cones. It also comes with all the necessary attachments. It even has a plate that accommodates the 1 1/4-sized cones that are so popular with millennials and Gen Z consumers.

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