Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier is a machine used to create high-quality cosmetic products. It uses a blade mixer to suck down the materials from a tank. It also has an electric control system, lifting system, and operation platform.

Applepack process equipments vacuum emulsifier mixer and homogenizer is perfect for producing creams or other liquid items like cough syrups. Its controlled environment also helps prevent aeration which might cause mixing blade degradation, achieving void-free product mixtures.


Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer & Homogenizer is a special high shear mixing equipment that can be used to manufacture semi solid viscous cream, medicine ointment and emulsion products. It features center agitator mixing, PTFE scraper mixing and vacuum homogenizing emulsifying technology. The machine has a capacity of 5L-2000L and can be used for small or big batches.

During the vacuum homogenizing process, the emulsification mixer creates strong tumbling turbulence that can mix and disperse the product materials quickly and evenly. The homogenizing process can also reduce the particle size of the dispersed phase. This can improve the stability of the emulsion.

The vacuum emulsifier can also prevent the formation of flock deposits or bottom sediments by reducing the droplet sizes of the material. This can be achieved by adding more low-density liquids and by lowering the bulk phase density. The vacuum emulsifier can also be used to reduce the oxidation of the materials by removing oxygen molecules from the mixture.

This device is composed of a main pot, water tank, oil tank, vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating temperature control system and operation control cabinet. It is used for the production of cosmetic cream, skin cream, eye cream, hair dye cream and many other skin care products. It can be used Vacuum emulsifier for both small and large-scale production of creams, medicines and other chemical products.

Controlling Viscosity

This equipment helps you emulsify and disperse materials with varying viscosities. It allows you to heat up and mix your product safely while maintaining a vacuum inside the emulsifying tank. This reduces the amount of air in the mixture, which will prevent your products from getting oxidized or spoiled. It also prevents your materials from leaking into the environment, allowing you to meet sterility and sanitary production standards.

The agitator blades in this machine help to reduce the size of material droplets, which improves emulsion stability and increases the efficiency of your mixing process. It also has a scraper on the agitator, which helps to remove any material that sticks to the sides of the mixing container. It’s a good choice for high-viscosity materials and can be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or food industries.

This emulsifying mixer is fully adjustable and has an oil pot, water pot, and operation platform that you can customize to your specifications. The product contact parts are made from SS316L, and it was manufactured in compliance with CGMP guidelines. You can use it to process a variety of materials with low fluidity, including ointments, oral syrups, and gels. It’s also ideal for preparing veterinary medicines and injections. This machine also helps you make viscous food products like mayonnaise, sour cream, butter, or jam.

Controlling Moisture

In the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum emulsifier equipment is used to make liquid products like creams and ointments. The machine is very useful because it makes the process of mixing much faster. It also saves energy and produces good quality results. Besides, it prevents product wastage that often occurs during manual mixing.

The mixer has a fully enclosed vacuum system that reduces contact between Automation equipment supplier the materials and the outside air. This makes it suitable for sensitive products. It also meets CGMP standards, including Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilize-In-Place (SIP).

When the power button is turned on, the water pot and oil pot are heated to a predetermined temperature. They are then mixed and stirred to increase their temperatures. After that, they are drawn into the emulsifying pot by the vacuum pump. The emulsifying pot is constantly swirled and cleansed of the materials scraped from the walls to promote new interactions between them.

This is why the emulsifying mixer has such a high efficiency. Its emulsions are fine, bubble-free, and stable. In addition, the spherical shapes of the material particles promote good interaction between them, and the shearing force causes a strong dispersing effect. The final product is highly homogenized, with low viscosity and high stability. In addition to this, the vacuum emulsifier can easily handle large batch sizes, ranging from 20-3000 liters.

Controlling Aeration

This vacuum emulsifying mixer system has a vacuum atmosphere which prevents aeration during mixing, homogenization, heating, dispersing and suspending the materials in the tank. This helps to protect the products from oxidation and bacterial contamination.

The machine has a center agitator and wall scraper to ensure the product is evenly mixed. These opposing forces create an even mixture that will not form a dead corner in the tank. The rotor and stator inside the tank generate shear that can crush, knead, dissolve, disperse, and grind the materials. The shear can also create a powerful current that pushes the material through the homogenizer continuously.

These machines use an electric motor to control the movement of the rotor and stator. The rotor and stators rotate around the tank or pipe. The high shears that the rotor and stator create can help to make a fine-tuned and uniform mixture. The shears can also break down the lipids in oils and water to release them into the water phase.

This is the ideal machine for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to process ointments, lotions, preparations, gels, suspensions, and emulsions. It is also used in food industries to produce mayonnaise, dressings, jams, and butters. The equipment can also be used to process thick sources, cheese, oral syrups, latex, and injections. The vacuum emulsifying mixer can also be used for cosmetics like skin cream, foundation, and lipstick.

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