Protect Your Eyes With Silicone Swim Goggles

Protect Your Eyes With Silicone Swim Goggles

Goggles are an important piece of gear for swimmers. They protect your eyes from chlorine, salt, harmful UV rays, and glare.

To ensure a comfortable fit, look for the following features in your next pair of goggles. Try them on before buying, and if you’re shopping online, check a retailer’s refund policy.


Unlike the goggles of the past that used head straps made of latex, which degraded over time due to chlorine and UV exposure, silicone is an indestructible material that lasts for years. In fact, the vast majority of swim goggles on the market use silicone head straps and gaskets.

Silicone is also comfortable on the skin and provides a watertight seal. Many swimmers prefer silicone over rubber for these reasons and opt for silicone-lined or fully-silicone-lined goggles. Some manufacturers use a mixture of different materials including rubber and silicone. These goggles are typically called hybrid swim goggles.

Many swim goggles come with a pair of clear lenses, a silicone or rubber gasket and adjustable head straps. The lenses are usually optical grade to ensure clarity in the water. They can be mirrored, tinted or clear and may offer UV protection. The gaskets are primarily silicone or rubber. Foam is sometimes used but tends to lose elasticity over time.

Some goggles feature notched plastic bridges that fit in the goggle main body silicone pet food bowl to provide a custom fit. They are commonly found on children’s goggles and can be useful for learn to swim or pre-competitive situations. The straps can be a single piece that wraps around the head or two separate straps that wrap individually on each side of the head. Some swim goggles even come with bungee cord straps.


Regardless of what type of swim goggles you select, you want them to seal around your eyes and fit snugly on the back of your head. To ensure this, check that the straps extend wide across the back of your head and are positioned about 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart from your ears.

This dual-strap configuration offers more security, especially as you swim. You should also make sure the straps are not pulling on your hair too much or putting too much pressure on the bridge of your nose, which can cause discomfort.

You’ll also want to choose a pair of goggles with lenses that offer the protection you need. Tinted lenses block out glare, while polarized ones provide sun protection that works well in varying lighting conditions. If you want to be able to adjust your lenses as the sun moves and changes light conditions, consider transition lenses.

You’ll find that many of the best silicone swim goggles feature polycarbonate lenses with a clear silicone gasket. Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that’s gentle on the eyes and more durable than latex rubber, which degrades after hours of exposure to chlorine and other pool chemicals.


Unlike racing goggles that fit close to the eye socket, these mask-style swim goggles sit further back on the cheekbone and lower forehead to provide a wide panoramic view while still providing comfort. They also don’t leave marks around the eyes, a telltale sign of a tight fit, and feature UV protection and anti-fog features. Plus, they’re less expensive than most smart goggles and allow you to detach the HUD unit when it wears out—a major perk if your child gets frustrated at having to constantly adjust their tech.

These flexible goggles are comfortable for swimmers of all ages and sizes, making them an excellent choice for beginners or young children. The soft silicone gaskets deliver a leakproof seal and a close-to-the-eye fit without being too tight. They are also easy to adjust with a push-button buckle and have UV protection and anti-fog lenses.

The easy-to-adjust bungee strap and silicone frame contour to smaller faces for a secure fit that won’t pull on hair, while the anti-fog lenses offer a clear underwater view. Plus, these goggles are incredibly durable—New York City copy editor Naaman Zhou says they’ve held up exceptionally well over two years of pool and ocean swimming.

UV Protection

Indirect UV radiation can damage your eyes from sunlight reflected off the water or surrounding surfaces. Wide lens coverage and a wraparound design help protect your eyes from this type of UV exposure while allowing you to see clearly in the water. Look for a pair of silicone swim goggles with a clear lens that offer this important protection while also providing you with the wide field of vision you enjoy in a swimming goggle.


Injection molded silicone is soft and comfortable, fits most faces well and offers a superb amount of suction. It is durable and available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit everyone. Silicone swim goggles are ideal for recreational swimmers and offer great value for consumers because they last longer than foam goggles, are more versatile than masks, and come in a huge variety of colors and designs to suit all tastes and needs.


Foam swimming goggles are a classic that many swimmers will have experience with. They are a great budget option and are suitable Silicone Supplies for all water activities from frolicking in the ocean or pool to lap swimming and racing. They have a plastic bridge that is molded to the frame and can be adjusted with a small piece of flexible silicone excess that you can trim to create a fit over different sized noses.

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