What Is a Metal Card?

What Is a Metal Card?

Metal Card is a company that offers credit cards in sleek metal finishes. Unlike plastic cards, metal credit cards require customers to mail in an existing card for laser etching and transfer of the chip.

Metal cards have a lot to offer, but it’s important to weigh them against other factors like fees and perks before making a decision.


Metal credit cards can be a status symbol or simply a cool, durable addition to your wallet. They typically offer high rewards, luxury perks, and exclusive events and memberships. These cards also tend to have a higher annual fee than their plastic counterparts.

Getting a Metal Card requires that you meet a card issuer’s qualification Metal Card requirements. Some cards, like the Centurion Card from American Express, are only available by invitation. However, most metal cards are offered to people with high credit scores who meet a card issuer’s minimum income and spending requirements.

Metal cards generally function the same as their plastic counterparts, but they can often be used in digital wallets. Many have the added benefit of being contactless, so you can tap them at point-of-sale terminals to complete a transaction. Some cards are too thick for some card readers, so you may need to insert them or enter a PIN.

Most metal cards come with a generous rewards program and premium travel perks, such as hotel and airline credits and airport lounge access. Some cards even have a concierge service to help you with special requests. Some cards may also offer complimentary gym and delivery service memberships. These cards also have the added appeal of being more durable than their plastic counterparts, as they can withstand bending or extreme heat without cracking or warping.


Many metal cards offer rewards programs and perks that can add up to hundreds of dollars in value over time. This can help offset the high annual fees that many metal credit cards come with. Some metal cards also offer a sense of prestige and exclusivity, which can be valuable for some cardholders.

Typically, metal credit cards are available to those who meet the card issuer’s lending criteria. This can include having excellent credit and a good income. While metal credit cards were once more difficult to obtain than plastic ones, many card issuers now offer them to consumers.

Some metal credit cards are designed to provide luxury travel benefits such as lounge access and elite status in loyalty programs. nxp mifare desfire This can be a valuable benefit for those who travel frequently and have significant disposable income. However, many of these premium cards have annual fees that can be in the thousands of dollars.

When choosing a credit card, it’s important to consider all aspects of the card, including its features, fees and benefits. While a metal credit card can have its charms, it’s not always worth the added cost over a plastic credit card with similar features. Cardholders should look at core benefits such as rewards, extra features and travel protections before deciding on whether a metal card is right for them.


Metal Cards have a premium look and feel that gives them a high-end appeal. They also offer durability and resistance to physical damage. Some metal credit cards may have a higher annual fee than plastic cards, and their weight can be an issue for some people with limited wallet space. However, the popularity of the metal credit card has increased as more and more card issuers have made them available to more everyday consumers who meet their lending criteria.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a design for a Metal Business Card. Each person has their own preferences for color and style, so it is important to consider these factors when making a decision. Gold metal cards are popular, but black metal cards are becoming increasingly common as well.

The cards feature custom cut-outs that add a unique touch and help them stand out from the competition. They are also etched before semi-gloss black to add depth and dimension. The etching process also allows for the inclusion of logos and other important details. Spot coloring is another option that can be used to create a distinctive look for a Metal Card.

The cards combine a long-lasting metal card with a digital profile, which allows for easy updates and tracking of who has received your information. This is an excellent way to reduce paper waste while still ensuring that your contacts have all of the latest information about you and your business.


While metal cards are less common than plastic ones, they’re far more durable. They can bend and snap without much damage, and their printed information is less likely to fade over time. These cards are also harder to tamper with than their plastic cousins. This makes them more secure for high-value consumers who want to protect their identity and money.

In a world of shrinking bank networks and commodified card products, payment providers need to find new ways to differentiate their offering. A sleek metal credit card could be the answer. These cards function as ambassadors for the brand, and are used more often and seen by more people than their plastic counterparts. In addition, they are a top-of-wallet option for trend-driven, high-value consumers.

However, it’s important to note that while these cards offer a premium look and feel, they do come with some extra costs. These cards typically have higher annual fees and credit score requirements, as well as interest rates that impact how much you owe on outstanding balances. Additionally, they can be difficult to dispose of when you reach your expiration date or close your account. This is because they can’t be cut with scissors, bent back and forth until they break, or shredded as they can damage shredders. This is especially true for the more expensive metal cards, such as the American Express Centurion Card, which is offered only to high-value consumers with a premium banking package.

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