The GZL-80 Liquid Filling Machine

gzl80 liquid filling machine

The GZL-80 Liquid Filling Machine

The gzl-80 liquid filling machine is an automated device that allows you to fill containers with a specific volume of fluid. It can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics.

The gzl-80 liquid filling machines are designed to be highly efficient, minimizing waste and contamination. They also feature an easy-to-use touchscreen menu that lets you set up and save your filling programs.


A liquid filling machine is a type of machinery that can be used to package different types of fluids. These machines are used in a wide variety of industries, including food, beverage and pharmaceutical production.

These machines can be either fully or semi-automatic, meaning that they will automatically function after a set of settings have been programmed in. However, they do require maintenance to ensure that they operate properly.

There are many different parts that make up an automatic liquid filling machine. Some of the main components include the hopper or supply tank, taps, valves and the control panel.

The hopper or supply tank contains the fluid that you are going to be filling into containers. This can be a variety of different types of liquids, from thin water-like products to thicker gels, creams and pastes.

Once the hopper or supply tank is filled with the product that you are packaging, the machine will then move along a conveyor belt to a section where the bottles or containers will be placed. This is where the fluid will be poured into each container and sealed.

As with other filling machinery, the gzl-80 liquid filling machine can be programmed to perform different functions. The machine can be programmed to fill containers with a specific quantity of product each time they cycle, for example.

This can be done through a touchscreen operator interface that will allow the user to easily adjust many different delay and duration times as well as power, speed and other functions of the various pieces of equipment that make up the liquid filling machine. The operator interface will also include a main screen that displays the total production count for the filler and an infeed container count, so that the user can see how many containers will be filled each time the machine cycles.

The screen will also display an emergency stop button that can be used to quickly shut down the liquid filling machine should any issues arise during production. This is important for troubleshooting, especially if the machine has stopped working or if there is a bottle jam that needs to be resolved.


Liquid filling machines are important tools for packaging liquid products in bottles, jars, and cans. They offer high efficiency and accuracy when filling liquids of all viscosities and types. They gzl-80 liquid filling machine are used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

When selecting a bottle filling machine, you should consider its capacity and speed to ensure the best possible performance. Some of these machines are semi-automatic, while others are fully automated. They use a microcomputer to control the process and allow you to set your parameters before they operate automatically.

The gzl-80 is a versatile and compact machine that can handle bottles of different sizes. It features a user-friendly touchscreen panel that lets you enter your product and container details as well as access all machine functions.

This machine can fill bottles from 20 to 3000 ml. It uses PLC technology to ensure that the filling process is precise and accurate. It can gzl-80 liquid filling machine also help reduce waste due to its advanced design.

It is designed to fill a variety of fluids, including water, juice, and oil. It has a touchscreen display that allows you to set your desired filling time and distance.

Another feature of this machine is its auto-stop function. It will automatically stop when the machine detects several safeguards are breached, such as an empty pouch/cap magazine or one of the machine doors being open.

Moreover, this machine can be customized according to the requirements of its users. You can choose from different designs such as piston, overflow, and pump fillers. Each type of machine works better for a specific range of liquids.

Piston fillers are ideal for liquids that have a higher viscosity and need accuracy in their filling level. This can include sauces, icing, and batters.

Overflow liquid fillers are more effective on foamy products such as industrial cleaners. They can also be used for liquids that are thicker, such as creams and lotions.

All these features make the gzl-80 one of the most reliable and efficient liquid filling machines on the market. It can easily be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes and is easy to clean.


The gzl-80 is the right size for most small to medium sized applications. The machine is built to last with a rugged frame, quality components and a highly functional control panel. The machine has many functions and can be configured with optional accessories a la carte for added flexibility. The unit stands out from the crowd by incorporating a number of innovative safety features, such as automatic shutdown upon failure to perform a task. The most notable feature is a fully enclosed hopper that houses a highly rated stainless steel liquid reservoir. The hopper is a cinch to open and close, making for a clean, worry free environment for your valuable liquids.


If you own an gzl-80 liquid filling machine, then you should carry out regular maintenance to ensure that your equipment is in top condition. This will extend the life of your machine, and it will help you maintain its performance.

During the maintenance process, you will have an opportunity to inspect your machine and identify any problems. You will also be able to tighten the loose parts and lubricate them. This will allow your machine to work at its optimum level.

In order to avoid a lot of waste of fluids, it is important to check that the seals are in good shape and that they are not leaking. This can cause a significant increase in the overall cost of operating your machine.

It is also important to clean the machine regularly in order to reduce the chance of bacterial growth. This can be done by removing the nozzles and replacing them with clean ones, or scrubbing them with cleaning solution.

Other than this, you should also ensure that the seal rings are not clogged with debris or foreign objects. This can cause inaccurate discharge and damage the machine.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that your machine must always have the right amount of power. This is essential for the operation of your machine and will prevent it from crashing. You should also make sure that the employees who are going to operate the machine are properly qualified so as to prevent them from damaging the machine.

Liquid filling machines come in a range of different types, and each requires specific cleaning procedures to meet industry standards. This can be challenging for some businesses, so it is important to have a well-defined maintenance program and skilled staff who are knowledgeable of each type of machine.

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