Arcade Joysticks

Arcade Joysticks

arcade joysticks

Arcade joysticks are used to play a variety of video games in an arcade cabinet. They are commonly comprised of a joystick and push buttons, but can also include steering wheels and trackballs. Arcade joysticks can be purchased separately or as a set to play multiple games at once.


The Sanwa Denshi Co manufactures the top selling arcade joystick in Japan. These joysticks are renowned for their superior quality. They feature a switchable 4-way/eight-way mechanism and are recommended for games with short travel and light spring pressure. In addition, they can withstand tight timing. Sanwa Denshi Co joysticks also come with a restrictor plate to reduce over-travel.

Sanwa arcade joysticks are the gold standard of arcade joysticks. They are known for their excellent build quality and are commonly used in the Sega Naomi cabinet. The Joystick has a light spring pressure, a metal universal mounting bracket, and can be switched between true 4 and eight-way modes. The joysticks also feature a metal universal mounting bracket and are easily accessible using four screws.

The Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT is a top quality joystick made in Japan. It features a switch between 4-way and eight-way positions, as well as a restrictor plate. This joystick is ideal for games with light spring pressure and tight timing. Whether you are playing a fighting game or a shooter, the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT is the perfect choice.

The Sanwa OBSF-24 snap-in button is another top-quality arcade part. This button is commonly used on start buttons in Japanese arcade cabinets. It features a slightly convex plunger and an overall diameter of 28mm. It is smaller than the OBSF-30 button and is compatible with fighting games such as MAME and Fight Stick.

The Sanwa JLF joystick features a medium travel shaft and soft tension. It is comfortable for gamers, and its octagonal gate restrictor makes it easy for users to use in fighting games. It also features a storage compartment for a USB cable and a Tournament Lock switch.

X1 sticks will work with the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation. Sony may decide to change compatibility with its products at some point. While they are compatible arcade joysticks with all these consoles, the Xbox 360 joystick is the best choice if you’re into modding. The mixbox controller is compatible with PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and X-Box consoles.

The Qanba Pearl arcade stick is a premium product. This arcade joystick has buttons that look like those used on a PC or PS3 and feature the iconic Sanwa buttons. It also works with PCs and PS4s.

Taeyoung Fanta

The Taeyoung Fanta arcade joy-stick is considered one of the best in its price range. Its design allows for four yellow buttons at the front edge and a transparent plexiglass plate at the top. The lever’s design is also very flexible, allowing for disassembly and customization. Because of this design, the joystick’s components can be easily removed and modified to make it more comfortable to use.

The Taeyoung Fanta was introduced in the late 1990s, and it has been used in popular games since then. These sticks are highly sought after by Tekken players because they provide a consistent feel and accuracy. They are also manufactured using high-quality Gersung microswitches and medium tension rubber.

Taeyoung Fanta sticks are an excellent choice if you’re new to Korean arcade joysticks. Although they may not be the most comfortable sticks to use, they’re excellent for the introductory stage of Korean stick use. The buttons, too, are made by Taeyoung Fanta.

Another excellent joystick is the Taeyoung Fanta MyoungShin joystick. This Korean joystick has a reputation for being the best in the world. While other versions are made of better quality, this one features a unique Korean design. It is also easier to grip than most other models.

Unlike the Japanese sticks, Korean joysticks have a larger body than American sticks. Korean sticks are also more tactile and can be further customized. The joysticks’ five-pin connector is also connected to the PCB. Moreover, they are usually more compact.

Joysticks are divided into three main categories – Japanese, Korean, and American. They differ in their inner mechanisms, and their use in arcades differs. While American and Japanese arcades generally used Seimitsu and Sanwa joysticks, Korean arcades used Taeyoung joysticks.

The Taeyoung Fanta arcade joy stick is one of the most versatile and durable in the market. Its design makes it an excellent choice for gamers. The Korean-made Taeyoung Fanta arcade sticks offer a firmer feel and have a more comfortable grip than Japanese or American arcade sticks. This arcade stick comes with a full set of Sanwa buttons.

Etokki Omni Arcade Stick

You can customize the ETokki Omni Arcade Joystick with custom artwork. These joysticks come with a removable artwork panel and are secured by two small Torx T8 screws on top and black Phillips screws on the bottom. If you’re replacing the buttons, you may have to rewire the buttons.

The eTokki Omni Arcade Joystick is a popular high-end arcade stick. It is compatible with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is easy to customize. It has been used by professional players, winning world championships and major tournaments. This joystick is compatible with most game consoles and has anti-static technology for better grip. It is sold directly from ETokki’s website for $349 USD.

The Etokki Omni Arcade Joystick features a premium design and feels great. It also comes with a Taeyoung Fanta stick, which is much tighter. Another plus of this stick is its full set of Sanwa buttons. In short, you can’t go wrong with this joystick.

While it’s not as versatile as other arcade game controllers, it is compatible with several popular game consoles. It supports both Korean and American levers. It also comes with a special antistatic system for protection against electrostatic discharge and is stable and sturdy. It’s also compatible with the Sega Genesis Mini and Neogeo Mini.

Daigo is a multiple EVO champion and one of the most iconic players in Street Fighter history. Although he hasn’t had as much success with the newer Street Fighter V game, he has more than 20 years of experience in the pro fighting game world. Daigo uses the Mad Catz FightStick TE2+ arcade stick, which is both durable and customizable.


If you want to play the most popular arcade joysticks video games with the best controls, you should invest in one of the Qanba arcade joysticks. These controllers are crafted with the highest quality components and will improve your gameplay by providing optimal accuracy. These controllers can be used with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC games. They have touch panels and can be customized using gestures.

You can choose from a variety of colours and models to match your gaming style. Choose from Dragon, Obsidian, Crystal, and Drone. Qanba arcade joysticks are compatible with PS4 and PS3 and PC games. Their sleek, ergonomic design will make you feel like you’re really playing an arcade game.

A Qanba arcade stick doesn’t look as flashy as other arcade sticks, but it’s an excellent choice for beginners. It’s affordable, durable, and features Qanba arcade buttons and pushbuttons. Its parts are top-quality and crafted to have an ultra-quick response time and minimum noise. The Qanba Drone is one of the many Qanba arcade sticks available, and is a great entry-level option for your arcade gaming needs.

Another great option for quality, low-cost arcade sticks is the Qanba Q3 Fightstick. It costs under $70, has interchangeable buttons, and is compatible with PS4 and PC games. In addition to its affordable price tag, it can easily be modified to make it more responsive and accurate. Moreover, it uses a zero delay bridge cable to connect to the console. It also features mounting points and pads on the bottom to make installation and setup a snap.

These controllers are designed to emulate the look and feel of classic arcade joysticks, with buttons arranged in rows. The joysticks are made with the highest-quality Sanwa components and are made for modding. They are suitable for all types of gamers. This arcade stick is easy to use and comes with many useful features.

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