African Print Fabric Supplier

African Print Fabric Supplier

african print fabric supplier

If you’re in the market for African prints and fabrics, you’ve come to the right place. Rughani Brothers is an exporter of African fabrics that is recognized by the Government of India. They offer a wide selection of vibrant colors, traditional patterns and unique styles that can be used for home decor, furniture, and fashion. They also offer 100% cotton and use different techniques to make their fabrics.


Ankara fabric is the most common type of African fabric found in the region and throughout Africa. This fabric is characterized by its bold colors and designs. It is also known as African Prints, Wax Prints, or Dutch Wax and is usually printed on cotton. The fabric is usually used for clothing.

Ankara fabrics can be used for a variety of applications including clothing and accessories. For instance, they can be used for hats, earrings, blazers, shoes, and more. Some fashion brands have even produced their own fabrics incorporating these prints. The process of creating these prints is called wax-resist dyeing. As a result, there is no difference between the color intensity of the front and back of the fabric.

Since the early 1900s, Ankara has become a part of African culture. Africans in Ankara will be able to share stories with you about their ancestors and explain what the prints mean. In addition, missionaries in the region began teaching women how to sew to maintain a modest dress code.

African print fabric comes in an array of colors, styles, and materials. Many styles change regularly in markets, making it difficult to buy the same piece twice. Common designs include flowers, animals, geometric shapes, and tribal patterns. These fabrics are versatile enough to be worn as-is, or used to make modern African-style clothing and accessories.


If you’re looking for an African print fabric supplier in Qingdai, you’ve come to the right place. Phoenix Hitarget is known for its African fabric printing and innovative fashion designs. You can find a wide variety of suppliers on Indiamart, holland wax prints manufacturer and you can even compare prices and place orders online. You can also find contact information for each supplier.

A number of Chinese companies specialize in African print fabric. Rughani Brothers, a major exporter of African fabrics, has become a globally recognized company. Their collection features vibrant colours, traditional patterns and original designs. Their fabrics are versatile and can be used for fashion, decor, and furnishing. They produce 100% cotton fabrics and use multiple techniques to create different patterns.

Vlisco, a manufacturer of over 350,000 textiles, has been designing and producing African fabric for over three decades. The company has a diverse range of prints, each with its own unique meaning. The company’s fabrics feature names that are unusual for African fabrics and are derived from the countries they come from. These prints are beautiful representations of African heritage and beauty.


Rughani Brothers is one of the major manufacturers of African print fabrics. Their diverse collection features vivid colors, traditional patterns, and unique styles. This variety makes them ideal for quilting, head wraps, and home decor. The company is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality cotton fabrics. They use chemical dyes and various techniques to create the designs on the fabrics.

The company is based in New York and has been recognized twice by the U.S. Department of Commerce for providing quality fabrics at reasonable prices. It also has a blog, which educates consumers about African fabric prints. They holland wax prints manufacturer have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and are committed to providing fast service and competitive prices.

Qingdao Phoenix Hitarget

Qingdao Phoenix Hitarget is a leading manufacturer of African wax printing fabrics. They use the latest technologies and equipment to produce high-quality fabrics. Their commitment to quality and consistency has helped them build a name for themselves as a leading supplier of African fabrics. As a result, they have become a favorite of fashion conscious African consumers worldwide.

The company is known for its affordable prices and is often awarded the Fabric Store of the Year award by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It has been in business for more than 20 years and offers a variety of fabrics. They also accept bulk orders and offer competitive pricing.

African prints fabric are a popular choice for clothing. They have a rich history and are often decorated with symbolic designs and historical meanings. These fabrics are now making their way to the catwalks and gaining the attention of fashion experts. There is a growing demand for African textiles in the South Asian market. One company that specializes in African print fabrics is Fabric USA Inc. They offer the largest range of authentic African fabrics.

Aaron International USA

Aaron International is one of the most trusted suppliers of African fashion in the United States. The company specializes in selling wax prints, African textiles, and laces. It also offers matching Italian bags and shoes. If you are looking for the perfect African print fabric to add to your wardrobe, consider visiting their online store.

A good African print fabric supplier will be able to supply you with a variety of styles and designs. You can choose from a variety of fabrics including African lace, woven mud cloth, batik, and wax print. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors.

African print fabrics are made with a variety of printing techniques, including real and imitation wax. Depending on the print technique, these fabrics may be dyed, woven, or even printed with pearl powder. In addition to these traditional methods, African fabrics can be manufactured using the latest technologies.

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