How to Make the Most of the LED Moving Head Light

LED moving head light

The LED moving head light has many benefits, and there are many different features to consider. These lights can be configured to optimize lighting effects, space, and watts. Several options are available, including a fogging light effect that captures light movements in motion. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your moving head light.

GOBO effect

LED moving head lights offer amazing effects, whether they are used for stage or dance performances. These lights feature a variety of features, including rotating gobos, prisms, and UV LEDs. Many of these lights are capable of creating intricate patterns and coloured pictures. They also have motors that enable them to move.

The LED Moving Head can be placed in eight different positions, including a cross position where the lights will cross between two different sets. Another position is the downstage center position, which means the light will cross in two sets. Finally, you can use a zoom position to highlight an artist.

The Focus Spot Two is another great option. Its powerful light source combined with rotating gobos can create impressive surface and mid-air effects. The lens on this unit contains a 6-fact prism that splits the projected pattern into six identical patterns, increasing its spread. This lens is also ideal for adding interest to large plain surfaces such as stage sets.

Plastic gobos are a great option for LED moving head lights because they are less fragile than glass gobos. Unlike the glass gobos, plastic gobos are available in full color. These gobos are often a bit more expensive than their glass counterparts, but their durability and ability to produce a great effect is worth it.

Another feature of these lights is the ability to change gobos. Changing the gobos will give the light different colors and textures. This can also create halogen flicker effects. Gobos are also great for logo placement or sponsorship opportunities. Besides adding interest, they can also be useful for enhancing AV.

Another great feature of this light is its ability to change the directional beam. Its focus can be changed by DMX or via a manual control. You can also use the variable speed strobe function to add impact. With the Focus Spot Two, you can choose between a vertical or horizontal GOBO.

Fixed color controller

A fixed color controller allows for a wide range of colors. Oftentimes, this type of controller has several color wheels, and you can create a large array of colors with these lights. These lights are often used for events where a lot of colors need to be created, including saturated colors.

While the price of an LED moving head light can vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality, they are usually more affordable than spotlights or beam lights. You should always look for a good manufacturer when purchasing an LED moving head light. Another factor to consider is the lamp life. The wattage of the light will affect the longevity of the lamp.

LED moving head lights can also be susceptible to damage. It is recommended that you keep them away from excessive heat and humidity, as both can shorten their lifespan. Be sure to unplug them from the power source before attempting to replace the bulb. Then, take a few minutes to cool down the light and remove the old one. Next, install the new lamp.

LED moving head light fixtures are an excellent investment. They create a stunning display of light, which can make any event the talk of the town. However, like any other equipment, they need to be maintained. Proper care will increase their lifespan and improve the overall appearance of your event. There are a few different types of moving head lights, but there are some that are more effective than others.

LED moving head lights can be controlled in a variety of ways. Some have a console that lets you control everything, while others have more intricate features. Some can even control the speed and direction of movement of the lights. For instance, when a band is performing a fast tune, a fast-moving head light might be appropriate. There are also some advanced models that have prisms, which can break light into multiple beams.

Some of the most common moving head light fixtures are wash fixtures. Their purpose is to spread the light and create atmosphere. Some models come with zooming features that allow you to adjust the beam to create a different look.

Changing beaming angle

Changing beaming angle of LED moving head lights can be used to create a different mood for any event. These lights come with eight different positions, including the cross, downstage center, and set positions. Changing beaming angle can be useful for highlighting artists, wedding dancers, and others.

These lights are commonly found in clubs and music venues. They are also used for church services and school functions. It is important to learn how to use them correctly. Here’s a quick guide. To change the beaming angle, just rotate the arms or head. You can also choose to use a mechanical dimming shutter to control the intensity of light. Depending on the model, you can also use a stepper motor to generate strobe effects. Many of these lights also come with color wheels that change the tone and shape of the light beam.

LED moving head lights can be used in a wide variety of applications. Changing beaming angle is important in different situations, and it should be done with care. LED lights have low power consumption, high efficiency, and a long lifetime. This means that they are a good option for most smaller venues. However, large venues will still need fixtures powered by discharge lamps.

Beam lights are similar to spotlights, but have wider lenses. A beam light’s angle of focus can range from 12 to 25 degrees. These lights are often used in concerts where the audience is large. These lights can also be used for special effects, and can give long-term benefits.

Before changing the beaming angle of LED moving head light, make sure to understand the types of applications it is used in. Residential buildings are primarily concerned with uniform illumination of the room, so a wide-angle light in the center is usually sufficient. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, focus on high-efficiency illumination of large floor areas. In addition, they use medium-angled lights with high coverage across the ceiling. Restaurants, however, focus on accent and mood lighting.


LED moving head lights are an excellent investment but they require regular maintenance if you want them to continue functioning efficiently. It is also important to check the LEDs on a regular basis for damages. If you notice that the lights are dimmer than usual, they need to be repaired or replaced. Also, keep the head lights away from moisture and heat to avoid damaging the electronics. Proper maintenance will also ensure that the LEDs last for a longer time.

The first step in maintenance of LED moving head lights is to disconnect the lights from the power source. Once disconnected, perform routine maintenance every seven days. It is also important to check the controls of the LEDs for proper functioning. Failure to do so will cause the lights to fail sooner and increase the repair costs.

The next step is to replace the moving head light bulb when needed. This is very important because the faulty bulb will have adverse effects on other parts. Before replacing the bulb, turn off the power supply and make sure that the ground switch is grounded. Also, make sure that the power supply has the appropriate overload protection functions and meets local electrical requirements. The replacement bulb should also match the original model.

Regular cleaning of moving head lights is another important step. You should use a soft cloth to wipe the lens of the lights clean. This will ensure that the lights function properly and are safe for you to use. You should also keep the power supply cord away from the lights while cleaning them. Cleaning the moving head light is important because dust can interfere with heat dissipation and the life of the internal components.

Moving head lights are a great way to light a stage. They give an even beam of light and allow precise positioning. With proper maintenance, your moving head lights will last for many years and continue to serve you in your performance. You should check them on a daily basis to prevent them from malfunctioning.

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