Semi-Automatic Blowing Machines

Semi-Automatic Blowing Machines

Semi-automatic blowing machines are usually designed to meet the needs of various industries. There are two types: single-step blowing machine and multi-step blowing machine. In this article, we will discuss the JD-S4 two-step semi-automatic bottle blowing machine. We will also talk about the KM-8Y three-layer plastic co-extrusion film blowing machine. And finally, we will introduce the King Machine.

JD-S4 two-step semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

This machine features a single-stage process for making preforms and bottles. In contrast to the conventional 4-station method, which involves injection, reheating, stretch blow, and ejection, the 3-station machine eliminates the reheating stage. The machine uses latent heat from the preform to heat the blown bottle and reduces tooling costs by 25 percent. It also features biaxial stretching of molecules, which gives the bottles a cross-shape.

The Semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine can produce PET bottles and containers in sizes ranging from 0.1L to 20L. It can also produce PET cans and wide-mouth jars. All of these features make it a suitable choice for a wide-range of packaging industries. Its low-cost construction and easy operation make it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

This two-step machine is easy to use and boasts CE-certified parts. It can reach a blowing pressure of 2100-2300B/H for a 500ml bottle. It can automatically close the mould when the bottles come out. It requires no human intervention. This machine is ideal for manufacturing bottles, as it is a specialist in plastic containers. Its compact size and low energy consumption rate make it ideal for small businesses and a small staff. The JD-S4 is also easy to operate.

KM-8Y three-layer plastic co-extrusion film blowing machine

The Heaven Extrusion Mono Layer Blown Film Line is a highly efficient and commendable production line for the production of light-duty packaging bags, tubular films, and plastic laminates. These extrusion lines are suitable for a variety of industries, including food, health care, and garment. Moreover, their durability, precision, and longer service life are ensured. Heaven Extrusions is a well-equipped facility divided into several operational units.

King Machine

This semi-automatic blowing machine is a perfect option for small-scale bottle blowing operations. This machine has many advantages, including high-pressure, low noise, and easy maintenance. The pneumatic action part of the blowing machine provides a high-pressure, steady blow and features a low noise construction. This machine also has double crank links to lock the mold. The machine is highly reliable and safe to use.

This equipment is based on an optimized structure that integrates opening and closing molds with servo drive system. The blowing cycle is greatly shortened, and the output is increased as a result. It features an energy-saving control system and constant temperature heating system. Its heating system maintains a constant temperature in the blowing area and waste heat venting system, so that the machine produces no wasted energy. The blowing process also provides an improved billet effect with no card preforms.

The semi-automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic bottles, containers, and wide-mouth PET cans. It can produce PET bottles in 0.1L to 20L sizes. In addition, this machine can produce PET cans and wide-mouth jars. A small-scale manufacturer can easily invest in a semi-automatic blow molding machine. These machines can also increase the service life of pneumatic components.

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