NCR ATM Testers and Refurbished NCR ATM Cassettes

NCR ATM Testers and Refurbished NCR ATM Cassettes

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TestLink, a supplier of ATM parts, has introduced three new NCR ATM cassette services: testers, refurbished NCR ATM cassettes, and ATM cassette repair. The tester is a very important component of your ATM, as it can keep your machines from overpaying by identifying the issue early. It can check the shutter mechanism and the low cash sensors, which are common points of failure for cash cassettes. If the cash sensor in your ATM stops working, you can expect a low payout.

TestLink’s NCR ATM cassette tester

Independent ATM supplier TestLink has signed a distribution deal with Brinks Singapore to supply its innovative NCR ATM cassette testing system throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. This new service will ensure the correct configuration of NCR ATM cassettes, which can result in serious financial damage. Currently, TestLink offers its Automated Cassette Testing System (ACTS) handheld instrument. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the latest ATM technology and news.

The testLink currency cassette tester displays the configuration of an ATM cassette, and tests all components, including the mechanical shutter and cash low sensors. Its rugged design means it can be transported from site to site and can be powered by 12-volts in security or engineering vans. Its open architecture enables it to fit into any working environment, and allows users to easily move its components to the ATM’s location. It is easy to use and can function on a wide range of voltages.

The NCR casete tester can save time, as it eliminates the need for a manual check. Once the machine has measured the casete, an LED will light up to indicate whether or not it has been correctly configured. By removing the manual casete configuration check, you can focus on more important tasks, such as enhancing customer service and improving productivity. But it is still important to know that a bad storage facility can cost you money and damage your reputation, so using a reliable tester is essential.

Another innovative ATM cassette tester is the NCR-Cassette-TestLink. It can measure the accuracy of the cassette and checker rolls in your ATM. You can also check for the NCR logo on the machine. Adding a logo to the tester’s face is another way to tell customers it’s an NCR-Cassette-TestLink product. And what better way to ensure customer satisfaction than with a NCR-Cassette Tester?

DieboldDirect’s ATM supplies

If your ATM is using a NCR cassette for dispensing cash, you can find it at DieboldDirect. These cassettes are specially made by Diebold engineers and are compatible with all Diebold ATM models. DieboldDirect also carries cash canisters for all types of ATMs, including Diebold Opteva, ix Series, i Series, and NCR ATM terminals.

If you have an NCR-compatible ATM, you’ll want to get an ATM receipt paper that matches the manufacturer’s specifications. DieboldDirect offers an array of receipt paper options designed for peak performance in NCR ATM terminals. Whether you have a credit union or bank, ATM receipt paper with the red “Your Logo Here” symbol is fully customizable. For maximum impact, use the product’s model number to help identify it.

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