Types of Commercial Shade Cloth

Types of Commercial Shade Cloth

commercial shade cloth

There are several different types of commercial shade cloth available on the market. This article will cover ZG 95 340 shade cloth, Waytina shade cloth, and NOW KNIT SHADE. Choosing the right one will depend on your specific needs, but there are some common options you should consider when looking for shade for your business. Below, you will find the pros and cons of each type. Read on to find out how each of these products can benefit your business.


If you’re looking for a beautiful shade solution, PAK’s NOW KNIT SHADE commercial shade fabric is the perfect choice. Available in a wide variety of colors, this product is ideal for patios, decks, playgrounds, bleachers, and outdoor lounging areas. You can customize your project to fit the size and shape of your space. And, it’s easy to install without the need for tools or a professional installation crew.

Commercial 95 is a 95% shade fabric. This high-quality knitted shade cloth has an accurate shade factor and is suitable for home and commercial uses. These shades are available in a variety of fashion colors. Commercial 95 fabric also offers a 10 Year Warranty against UV degradation. To learn more about NOW KNIT SHADE commercial shade cloth, contact us today! We’d love to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

ZG UV Resistant shade cloth

The ZG UV Resistant commercial shade cloth is a durable shade covering made of reflective aluminized fabric. It is available in eleven different sizes and has the same UV warranty as a standard shade cloth. In addition to this, it is available in a wide range of colors to match any decor. This shade cloth is great for outdoor events and is available in 11 different sizes. To learn more about ZG UV Resistant commercial shade cloth, read on to learn more.

This material has high shade percentage and is breathable. It is made of high-density polyethylene, which helps to block 95% of harmful UV rays. The stainless steel D rings are strong enough to prevent it from tearing apart under heavy winds. It is also breathable, which allows air to circulate without allowing additional heat to accumulate. The fabric also features grommets for easy installation and removal.

Waytina shade cloth

Using Waytina commercial shade cloth will provide the maximum protection for your plants. This product is made of high-quality polyethylene and offers a 70 percent shade percentage. The fabric is also highly effective at blocking UV rays, allowing the ideal amount of light for plant growth while blocking out dust and allowing the wind to pass through. These products come with a one-year warranty. To learn more about Waytina commercial shade cloth, click on the link below.

ZG 95 340 shade cloth

The Commercial 95 340 is a heavy-duty knitted shade cloth designed specifically for use on architectural and tension structures. The fabric provides superior UV protection, strength, durability, and is maintenance-free. Its UPF rating is 89.3% – 97.7%, a high level for a commercial grade fabric. The commercial 95 340 commercial shade cloth is UV-stabilised and rated GREENGUARD and Oeko-Tex certified.

Commercial 95 340 is available in 15 classic shades. Its UV-stabilised HDPE composition provides dimensional stability and excellent tear resistance. It is also a durable choice for architectural shade structures and can be purchased in folded 3x40m rolls. Its high quality and durability make it an excellent choice for many different applications. Its enduring color selection is a huge plus for outdoor applications. Commercial 95 340 is also UV-stabilized and is certified Oeko-Tex 100.

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