LED Follow Spot Lights

LED Follow Spot Lights

Led Follow spot lights

The Chauvet LED Followspot 120ST is a perfect fit for any situation, from live events to theatrical productions. Its mechanical iris controls, full electronic dimming, eight different color temperatures, and built-in strobe mode provide a flexible lighting solution. Read on to learn more about this innovative LED light. It also features a chopper for manual triggering or DMX control, as well as a strobe mode that lets you choose your desired color or effect.

Led Follow spot lights have a chopper

Most modern fixtures use an array of LEDs that can deliver both bright light and efficiency in a moving head format. These fixtures don’t require a moving mirror. The chopper and douser are located on the top of the light’s housing, making them convenient for use on stage. Follow spots are specialized instruments used to light performers as they move through a stage or performance area. They typically feature a shutter or parabolic reflector, and the lens is often adjustable to increase or decrease the size of the spot field.

The LED Followspot 120ST features a 75-watt white LED and a hardedge focused beam for highlighting actors from a distance. The light’s built-in CTO filter helps to lower the color temperature to match tungsten bulbs. Other features of this light include a chopper and DMX control, a smooth LED dimming, and a mechanical iris. The light is also equipped with a tripod for silent operation.

They can be triggered manually

Using LED Follow Spot Lights is a good choice if you are looking for a simple, reliable way to illuminate your set. This versatile lighting fixture follows the actor as he/she sings. It is possible to trigger them manually or use drop-in gels instead of pan and tilt. These options provide many advantages, including allowing you to control the iris size and brightness of the overall image.

They can be controlled by DMX

The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST is a portable, LED-powered fixture that can be controlled by DMX or manual controls. Its 75-watt white LED provides a focused beam that matches the color of a follow spot with less heat, making it a great choice for mobile lighting systems or environments that require constant movement. For added convenience, it has a tripod.

Although Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST is an LED follow spot, it includes a tripod stand and a DMX controller. It offers a full-featured DMX interface and can be remotely controlled via DMX. Its adjustable bracket allows you to choose colors and intensity for your show, and its strobe mode gives you the ability to quickly and easily change the color of your lights.

This LED followspot 120ST fixture has a built-in dimmer and is DMX-compatible. It is designed for film, video, and theater lighting. It also comes with eight color-selection buttons on the back of the fixture, and it has a strobe feature. The light can be dimmed manually or controlled via DMX by rotating a color wheel. Its manual iris control knob can be set to 5deg.

They can be fitted with gobos

A Gobo can be used to enhance the lighting of a dance floor or a stage. These gobos are often made from digital images which are saved as BMP or TIFF files by digital cameras. The images can be edited using native Photoshop files, which contain the highest quality possible. They are also large, uncompressed, and highly suitable for high-definition photogobos. They are generally used on the World Wide Web, but are not the most suitable option for custom gobos.

There are two types of gobos: plastic and glass. The former is more economical and is often used for patterns where color is needed. However, plastic films are rarely used because of the high temperature generated at the focus point. The latter can be used with LED ellipsoidal spotlights and can be full color. Plastic gobos are new to the market and may vary between brands. Plastic gobos are also available in a variety of colors, but do not have the same durability and flexibility as glass ones.

Gobos can be made of several materials. Metal gobos are the most common. These are made of sheet metal, which is cut to form a gobo pattern. It covers the light beam and is held in place with a gobo holder. The gobo holder also keeps the gobo in place. Metal gobos are generally the least expensive option for producing patterns in stage lighting, but they still look great when used correctly.

Some of the newer LED Followspots come with a specialized lens. This lens allows you to focus the light softly or create a wash of color. There are also lekos that accept gobo discs, allowing you to add color to any spot. In this way, a Gobos-fitted Led Follow Spot light can help you create a show that is unique to your venue.

Gobo projectors can be used to project images and logos onto a surface. They have been around for decades and are usually included in ellipsoidal reflector spotlights. They produce a localized, sharp beam of light. They often have built-in shutters or optical devices that control the edge of the light. The gobo is then inserted into the light path and the result is a crisp pattern that projects onto any surface.

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