Advantages of Using a Beam Roll Forming Machine

Advantages of Using a Beam Roll Forming Machine

Beam Roll Forming Machine

The Beam Roll Forming Machine is fully automatic and possesses a high speed. It can produce a wide range of products including Stud and Runner in varying sizes. This machine is capable of forming different types of products on a single roller. In addition, it has the advantage of forming various shapes and sizes of products simultaneously. This is very beneficial when the production process involves multiple products of different shapes and sizes.


A C-channel beam roll forming machine is used for manufacturing structural and decorative metal channels. They are used in building structures, machinery, and vehicles. This structural channel has flanges on both sides of the web, which allow the sign to be mounted with bolts. A C-channel beam roll forming machine features a hydraulic decoiler and travel cart, a cutting unit, and an electrical control cabinet.

The back part of the beam carries more stresses due to work hardening, which occurs when sheet metal is subjected to cyclic loading and unloading. The bite zone consists of a deformation that occurs when the sheet metal contacts the roll, but the back part is slightly less deformed because it has already undergone significant thinning and bending. The bite zone is an area where forming quality is the worst, as it faces the straight roll shape.

The nip rollers at both ends of the machine are used to adjust the bending angle of the C-channel. To address the small-side slant, loosen the left-end nip roller. The right-end nip roller is tightened. To adjust the bending angle of the C-channel, the straightening shafts must be adjusted. This process can take several passes, and the number of passes will depend on the complexity of the metal channel.

Roll forming can shape any kind of metal. The adjustments for the bending stages are dependent on the type of metal. The yield point, thickness, and ductility of a metal are the key parameters that determine the amount of force required to shape it. A higher yield point requires more force and lower temperatures are more ductile. There are seven major metals used in roll forming: iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

Self falling down

A fully automatic rack box beam roll forming machine is a highly versatile tool that can produce a wide variety of racking beams. These beams are often used in warehouses and are available in multiple lengths and dimensions, so they can adapt to almost any layout. In addition, they allow full access to the material handling equipment within a warehouse. Here are some advantages of using this type of roll forming machine:

Stam is at the forefront of technology. In 2007, it designed the world’s first self-falling down beam roll forming machine. This machine is capable of producing beams and variable-section profiles in thicknesses up to seven mm. The steel used in this machine is HSLA (high-strength low-alloy), which offers 350 to 500 MPa of yield strength. This machine has been in development for the past 50 years. It was first used in the automotive sector and has already been used in the production of U-profiles.

Self turning over

A self turning over beam roll forming machine is a highly automated equipment that produces box beams for the warehouse pallet rack system. These beams are available in a variety of lengths and dimensions to suit the layout of a warehouse. These beams offer complete accessibility of material handling equipment. In addition, the machine has the ability to nest C channels automatically without the need for manual intervention. As such, this machine is an ideal option for large production lines that need to produce beams in small quantities.

A self turning over beam roll forming machine has several advantages. A self feeding machine reduces labor costs, a self-adjusting machine is easier to maintain and has a smaller footprint than a traditional machine. Another advantage is that it is highly flexible, requiring less manpower and fewer processes than traditional bending and welding. In addition, it offers a smooth finish and reduces secondary processes such as welding.

The high precision of a self turning over beam roll forming machine makes it a popular option for manufacturers who need to produce precision parts without a lot of finishing work. Precision is an important factor in determining the cost and efficiency of the machine. Parts produced by this method are capable of displaying an excellent finish and fine detail. The machine has a high speed capability, which can produce any length piece in a single shift.

A self turning over beam roll forming machine can also be used to make automobile window frames. This type of machine can produce various types of window frames, as well as door sashes. Many automobile manufacturers have their own versions of this machine for production of window frames. Moreover, it is also capable of producing a variety of steel and aluminum parts. The Soontrue steel frame roll forming machine series is a great option for manufacturing window frames and door sashes.

Self nesting

The new Self nesting beam roll forming machine is capable of roll forming pieces of different shapes. The development of such a machine was made possible by the CAD/CAM system. The system is a computer program that continuously monitors and makes adjustments to the forming device. The operator inputs the desired cutting commands to the PLC. The more complicated the operation, the more commands must be entered. The PLC controller on this machine is a white device in the image.

In addition to its high-speed capabilities, this machine can also produce parts with complex geometries. This type of process is especially useful when a product needs to be produced without using sheet metal, end flares, or any other idiosyncrasies associated with other types of metal forming. This machine also offers the advantages of reducing labor costs as it does not require the metal to be heated.

The STAM machine has large roll forming stands that are capable of withstanding the bending action of the strip. The reactive system should move rapidly to accommodate the shape of the strip while achieving an adequate speed. Faster rotary and transversal movements are required to ensure an adequate roll forming speed. Another important feature of STAM machines is their ability to follow the curved shape of the flanges.

The new self-joint design of the box beams is an innovative new feature of this machine that enables it to reduce material costs while still producing the product. This new technology was adopted by most major truck manufacturers and is now a viable solution for many industries. Its advanced technology allows it to produce various shelf panels as well. The new machine also incorporates a straightener, making it easier to align the beams and avoid any kinks.

Fully automatic

A fully automatic beam roll forming machine is an efficient machine that allows you to form multiple types of box beams at once. With its high speed and automatic nesting capability, you can produce a full box beam every minute. Moreover, you can also make different sizes of products with the same machine. This will cut production time and costs, and also create more profit for you. You can order this machine from a manufacturer of beam roll forming machines in China.

The Fully automatic beam roll forming machine has three engineering design elements. First, it needs a CAD design. After designing it, you should make sure it is compatible with the process you are using. Second, you should check whether the metal that you’re planning to use is suitable for the process. For instance, if you’re planning to produce a flower-patterned box beam, you should ensure that the metal is suitable for this process.

Third, it should be equipped with a cutting device. If you want to form a beam for a truck or car, you should choose the right tool. Truck beam roll forming machines consist of several components including a decoiler, feeding device, hydraulic punch device, main forming machine, and a PLC control system. This machine is available at affordable prices. The fully automatic beam roll forming machine is an excellent investment for your company.

Fourth, it should be able to shape any metal. Different metals require different adjustments at different bending stages. Flow stress and thickness are important factors to consider, as these affect the amount of force needed to form the metal. The higher the flow stress, the higher the force needed for shaping. Finally, it is important to note that the machine must be lubricated in order to avoid tool wear. Lastly, a fully automatic beam roll forming machine must be capable of producing quality and precision.

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