Hanma Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

If you are interested in buying a cutting machine, you should contact Hanma Laser, a renowned high-tech enterprise integrating production, sales and service. The company has 13 years’ experience in the laser industry, and has created various types of laser machines for a variety of applications. Its machines have served more than 150 countries and regions, and have won wide popularity in the world. The company’s laser machines are widely used in the manufacturing of plastics and metal parts, and are used in the fabrication of various materials, including glass, plastic, stone, etc.

HM-series laser cutting machine

The HM-series laser cutting machine is the latest generation of high-end, integrated design, and DSP digital control technology. This laser cutter supports more formats, professional drawing software plugins, and instant data transfer. Its high-speed guide rail is imported from Korea and comes with a hot plug and cable data interface. Its advanced technology and easy installation make it the ideal machine for professional woodworking and other industries.

The HM-series features a fiber laser engine and automatic resonator that automatically adjusts the diameter of the laser beam for optimal processing of thin-to-thick materials. In addition, the system features an innovative Rotary Index which enables seamless transition from flat sheet cutting to tubing and pipe cutting with ease. The NT Series also features AMADA’s advanced cutting technique. These cutting machines offer high-volume, short-run sheet metal parts and will meet the needs of your company.

The HM-series laser cutting machine is equipped with the latest generation of laser tube technology. The laser’s wavelength is nearly 2,000 nm. This wavelength is more than twice as powerful as CO2 lasers, and it is compatible with all common cutting materials. The HM-series laser cutting machine is equipped with an advanced software and control system that makes it easy to operate and maintain.

GF3015/4020 Plus fiber laser cutting machine

GF3015/4020 Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is an excellent tool for metal cutting. Its laser source uses Germany IPG fiber laser or Raycus fiber laser, which has powerful cutting capability and efficiency. It also includes a master-level Bochu CNC control system and nesting software. GF3015/4020 Plus is a CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine which integrates power, precision, and a higher working speed.

This laser cutting machine features a highly efficient FLCAJ fiber engine, which saves both time and money. The FLCAJ fiber engine uses just a fraction of the energy needed for a CO2 laser, making it more energy-efficient. It also features a Pulsar NT series, which offers the latest advancements in machine technology. Its design is able to handle high-volume short-run sheet metal parts. Its innovative design features ease-of-material-loading and automated unloading of multiple parts, as well as AMADA’s cutting technique.

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