Configuring Your NCR Cassette

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In the event that you encounter problems with dispensing, you may want to know how to configure your NCR cassette to eliminate these problems. To do this, you can refer to the Configuration guide provided with your NCR cassette or purchase one from DieboldDirect. Alternatively, you can purchase a NCR cassette tester such as the one from TestLink. The configuration guide also contains tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot issues with dispensing.

Dispensing failures

There are several different ways to determine if the NCR tape dispenser is faulty, and the most common one is the failure of the low-level sensor. When this sensor is triggered, the notes in the cassette will not be dispensed, and the cash dispenser will report an error. The code displayed in the electronic journal is code 300. However, when a PURGE is performed or NMD test software is run, the return code is “0”.

Note-feeder failure is another common cause of a cash dispenser failing to dispense cash. A jammed document may be caught in the transport path between the note qualifier and the note diverter. This causes the cash dispenser to go “Out of Service”. To identify the underlying cause of this failure, check the note feeder and note-qualifier to see if they are damaged or jammed. If the documents are still jammed, inspect the note feeders and note-qualifier to make sure that they are in good condition.

If the ATM is displaying this error message, it may be timed out waiting for a response. The error may also occur because there is not enough currency in the cassette. To rectify the issue, add more currency to the cassette and repeat the learn-note-thickness command. If the test dispenses successfully, the ATM should return to service. If it still fails to dispense currency, contact the manufacturer for help.

A faulty NCR cassette can cause a lot of problems. Its proper setup is crucial if you want your ATM to run without disruption. Oftentimes, ATM cassettes cause jamming or misdispense cash notes. To overcome these issues, you can use a dedicated NCR cassette tester. The tester can easily test NCR cassettes and detect the issue before it leads to a failure.

Another cause of a faulty NCR cassette is a command string error. This is caused when a command does not meet the logical sequence that the system expects. Examples of such errors include two move commands sent one after another and a delivery command sent without the previous move command. Check the cables, and resent the command. If the error persists, the dispenser should be replaced.

Configuration guide

Using the Configuration guide for NCR cassette will help you set up your unit. Before you start, make sure you have the right size and configuration guide for your machine. Make sure that the notes in the cassette are of the same denomination. To get the best results, load the notes with the right denomination. It’s important to note that the NCR cassette supports three different denominations. To set up the magnetic reed switch, follow the steps in the Configuration guide.

After you get the right type of tester, you can now test the cassette’s configuration for accuracy. Using an NCR Cassette Tester is a great way to quickly determine the configuration. It has a mirror on the back, so you can easily see if the cassette is working properly. If the ATM is not dispensed properly, you’ll want to replace it with another one. This way, you’ll be sure that the machine is working properly.

A cassette assembly includes a pusher means that moves a permanent magnet toward the note’s exit end. This causes a magnetic field in the area around the reed switch to become high enough to operate the switch. This low level indicator can indicate whether the note has reached a certain level. However, you can’t adjust the low level indication on the known cassette. That’s why NCR cassettes come with configuration guides.

TestLink’s NCR cassette tester

Independent ATM parts supplier TestLink is expanding its services with the launch of three new NCR ATM cassette services. The company will now distribute its innovative NCR cassette tester to cash handling companies in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The ATM cassette tester is designed to prevent unauthorized cash payouts by ensuring that the shutter mechanism is working properly. It also checks for the presence of low cash sensors, which are common causes of malfunctioning cash cassettes.

The tester can be used in ATMs worldwide. It can be operated from a 12-volt or mains power supply, making it ideal for mobile cash in transit teams. TestLink engineers are able to check the NCR ATM cassette’s features, including the mechanical shutter, cash low sensor and other components. Brinks Singapore has been using its NCR cassette tester since it was first introduced to the market. In addition to purchasing these testers, the company has approached TestLink about the distribution rights to its products.

The TestLink NCR cassette tester eliminates the need to manually insert every cash cassette into an ATM. Engineers can simply look at the LED indicator light that corresponds to the cash low sensor, without having to worry about missing an important step in the process. In addition, engineers can manually move the cash low sensor on the cassette, verifying its functioning and configuration. The NCR cassette tester is designed to be fast and easy to use, so operators will be able to use it quickly and efficiently.

DieboldDirect’s NCR cassette supplies

If you’re looking to purchase ATM supplies for an NCR ATM, you’ve come to the right place. DieboldDirect sells a variety of supplies for these machines, including cash cassettes. ATM cassettes are designed to fit in an ATM’s slot and dispense cash to customers. You can save money on your supplies with DieboldDirect’s deals and coupons. Try these coupons before the sale ends!

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