1. Rack structure

High strength frame, the template is welded with 30 thickness Q345 steel plate and high stability structure design.

Template stress relief annealing imported CNC machining center processing.

Sandblasting and rust removal, galvanized surface, with the highest anti-corrosion performance and anti-corrosion cycle of this plastic vacuum forming machine

  • Control system

Using PLC and touch screen to complete the automatic cycle process of opening and closing, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, demolding, product ejection, etc.

The machine adopts a rotary encoder to control the stroke distance between the solid mold and the mold change, ensuring that the seam is consistent every time it is fed, and the feeding density is uniform.

The machine is equipped with a variety of safety devices.

  • Hydraulic system

The opening and closing mode is driven by a small cylinder, which is fast, and the conversion is fast and slow. The clamping mode uses a large cylinder diameter auxiliary cylinder, and the clamping pressure is high.

Configure the special auxiliary cylinder pressure relief valve to ensure smooth opening of the mold.

  • The injection system

Using a vertical rotating barrel, the bottom of the barrel is not easy to accumulate and reduces waste.

  • Power system

Use a pilot vapor decompression system to make the vapor pressure more stable.

Steam, demolded compressed air, cooling vacuum pressure, independently adjustable flow rate.

When the machine heats up, it adopts balance valve control, which can effectively adjust the steam pressure at the steam valve outlet to ensure that the steam pressure in the cavity is constant and the temperature is the same.

  • Cooling system

The vacuum system of the machine is mainly composed of vacuum energy storage tank, vacuum condensation tank and high efficiency water ring vacuum pump. Cooling is mainly under vacuum, supplemented by water cooling, so that the water content of the product is lower.

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