Stone production line is a complete production line

The so-called stone production line is a complete production line that crushes large stones into small pieces using several crushers. TORUI offers customers a grinding line with multiple production specifications, smaller footprint, very high-end product quality, few product pin sheets and other features. At the same time, it is equipped with an advanced electrical operation control system, which works reliably and is easy to operate. The composition of the equipment of the stone production line is mainly determined based on the specifications and application of the stone by the customer before, after and after the sale. The machine can be customized to work with any material, including granite, marble, slate, travertine, onyx and other durable materials. It can read digital drawing data created with the latest design software. Therefore, the time from the creation of a product drawing to its implementation is minimized. This means that you do not have to manually spoil the finished forms, they are already ready for installation. The time to create individual products is significantly reduced.


  1. This stone production line is highly automated, no uptime, no cost, no regular maintenance, and minimal manual operation.
  2. High production efficiency, low operating cost, high productivity and high productivity.
  3. The output particle size can be adjusted, high crushing speed and energy saving are possible.
  4. The four finished stones are of the same size, correct shape, and meet the standards for the use of materials for high-speed structures.


Multi-material Applicable to basic materials such as hard limestone, granite, basalt, river stone, poly metal lurgical slag, artificial sand production, suitable for water and electrical building materials. , highways, urban construction and other industries. Various types of equipment are combined to meet the needs of customers according to different technical requirements.

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