Why Is Solar Inverter Important For Solar Power Generation Systems?

Solar power is defined as the utilization of the energy of the sun to create electricity. Its consumption can be either directly as heat radiation coming from the sun or indirectly through solar devices in solar panels and transparent photovoltaic glass. In solar power generation systems, the most important solar equipment are solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters.

Solar panels are one of the most important parts of a solar power system. They generate electricity in a systematic way. Solar panels will be present in all solar systems, regardless of their type. Talking about its compositions, Solar panels are made up of silicon solar cells which are connected to form huge solar panels.

Solar batteries are storage batteries that store energy i.e. electricity for later usage or nighttime use. You need to couple your solar panels with a solar battery if you want them to work during a power cut. Moreover, these solar storage batteries may also enable a PV system to function even when the grid is unavailable.

Solar inverters work on the principle of conversion of current from one form to the other form. These systems transform the direct current (DC) supplied by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) required by buildings. The current which is utilized in homes is alternating current (that can change direction with time) that’s why direct current needs to be converted into AC.

Solar inverters have crucial roles regarding safety purposes. Imagine the current reaching your homes in the absence of solar inverters, stepping down from a high voltage is impossible in the case of DC. There would be a lethal effect of DC if it is supplied in homes because it can not pass through zero. Therefore, it is essential to convert it from DC to AC before supplying it to a household.

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