This is Why You Need a Wireless Microphone

Imagine, no wires. One less thing to trip over, tangle, or step on. We may not yet be in a wireless world, but the advantages of having a wireless microphone are just too good to ignore. 

You tend to move around more during a performance so with a wired mic you have to monitor how much freedom you are given. The cords can also restrict your movements. This is especially true if you’re jumping around. But now, there is a solution: The wireless microphone.

There are many reasons for having a wireless microphone. The first reason is that you will not be burdened with carrying a microphone while you are singing. This is ideal if you have to move around the stage or walk through the crowd. This also gives you more freedom of movement on stage as you will not be limited by the length of the cable attached to your headset or handheld microphones.

The second reason is that there is no possibility for a cable to trip over on stage. This increases the safety of performers on stage and allows them to move about freely without having to worry about tripping over cables or wires.

The third reason is that melded in with the aesthetics and looks of your performance, sightlines are not obstructed by cables running across the stage. Wireless microphones do away with this problem completely!

Wireless microphones put out better sound quality than most wired microphones because they do not have cords that send out static electricity which tends to interfere with the sound quality. Wireless microphones are also

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