Most Weirdest Cars Used By Police

Electric cars are the future of vehicles. The police department is also updating their vehicles to electric patrol cars. Apart from electric cars used by police departments, there are some countries whose police cars will amaze you. There is a list of some weirdest cars used by police that will be discussed in this article!

VW Beetle «White Mouse»:

The Swiss police officers were not so glamorous on the road. This sweet Beetle from 1973 was in service in Zurich until 1986. Unfortunately, it is not known whether he was also successful in chases.

Mercedes Unimog Armored Vehicle:

«Colleague Lehmann, there is 30 centimeters of snow outside. Deployment order: Clear!» “Why me again?” “You’ve got the biggest spade on your bow.” “Well, well, but tomorrow I want to push long-haired opponents of nuclear power from the demo again.”

Renault Alpine A110:

What two strapping, tallboys. Proudly in uniform and helmet (!), they present their emergency vehicle, a two-seater Renault Alpine A110. The only question is how the two long gendarmes fit into the tight athlete? And where is the offender was taken – on the roof rack?

BMW Isetta:

Those were the days when law enforcement used an Isetta to gain authority. The appearance counts. Do you also have that respect for the policewomen who wiggle through the pedestrian zones on a Segway?

Studebaker 1925:

In the days of the big US gangsters like Al Capone, John Dillinger, and Bonnie and Clyde Parker in the 1930s, the police had to crackdown. Back then, the bad guys were transported from the crime scene in a sort of chicken cage on wheels. Today, human rights organizations would storm against it.

FSO Syrena 105:

Moss on the tires, cracked paint, and dents in the sheet metal. This Polish police car doesn’t seem to see much use. It’s probably because the crime rate in Poland is so low.

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