Be Careful When Withdrawing Money From ATMs!

Banks are increasingly using ATMs. You offer your customers the service of being able to withdraw money at any time. In addition, financial institutions are setting up more and more self-service branches in order to create a more extensive network of ATMs. ATM machines can be purchased from different ATM parts suppliers.

Rigged Vending Machines:

But criminals also use ATMs for their purposes. They manipulate the machines and get access to the customer’s data. Or they observe the customer as they enter their PIN, for example by looking over their shoulder. Then they steal the debit card.

The perpetrators are increasingly relying on so-called skimming. The card slots of the machines are manipulated. The perpetrators then copy the card data onto counterfeit cards. In addition, they manipulate the keyboard or install a mini camera to spy out the PIN. The perpetrators then use the counterfeit card and PIN to withdraw cash, mostly from ATMs abroad.

Tips For Behavior At ATMs:

  • Withdraw money only from known ATMs at your bank, if possible during business hours.
  • If you use someone else’s ATM, choose one in a well-lit and clearly arranged lobby of a bank.
  • If you notice any changes to the machine, inform a bank employee or the police.
  • Never enter your PIN at the door opener.
  • Do not follow any request to enter your PIN more than once.
  • Make sure that you are not observed when withdrawing money. If someone gets too close, yell for them to step back.
  • Check your bank account regularly for unusual debits.

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