How Solar Power Is Generated?

The method of obtaining energy from the sun is known as solar power or solar energy. Solar energy can be produced in two ways. The first method includes the use of lasers or mirrors to concentrate the bulk of sunlight on a single receiver. The rays produce heat. The heat produced is used to turn the turbines which are helpful in generating the electricity.

Another method that is used in the generation of electricity is the use of photovoltaic cells or solar cells. In this method, solar cells or solar panels are placed in the sunlight. 

Such photovoltaic cells are used to convert solar energy into electricity. Solar panels are mostly used in commercial as well as residential places for producing free energy without any effort. 

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The best solar batteries that work well with solar inverters are LiFePo4 batteries. Such batteries are highly preferable because of their small size and no unnecessary maintenance. You can contact LEMAX Energy to acquire any part regarding the solar power generation system.

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