Structure Of Stainless Steel Water Purification System

Every day new water purification emerges with new features. Till now, the most preferred water purifiers include reverse osmosis water purifiers, ultraviolet, and ultrafiltration water purifiers. Each water purifier filters out various dust particles from water in a unique way. Some water purification machines are able to remove the dissolved particles in water with the help of semi-permeable membranes.

Whereas, some are capable of removing microorganisms from water with UV lights. Among various types of water purification systems, each has advantages and a few disadvantages. Some can run without electricity, while some are not able to purify water in the absence of electricity. Stainless steel water purification system can purify water in bulk quantities. Whereas, reverse osmosis system produces a lot of waste while purifying the water and the purified water obtained is half of the actual water. 

In this piece of writing, we will discuss the parts of purification machines. Read on to know what parts are present in a purification machine:

Different water purifiers use different technologies to work. Similarly, each purification machine is made up of unique parts. Each part is responsible to carry out a specific function. For example, if you consider stainless steel water purification machine, it consists of the following parts.

  • Power panel
  • Sand filter
  • Automatic valve
  • Carbon filter
  • Manganese filter
  • Indicator
  • Pressure gauge
  • Flow meter
  • High-pressure pump
  • Water conductivity meter
  • RO controller

Just like stainless steel purification system, various specific parts are assembled to form a water purification system.

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