Gel Nails: Can It Be Done Without a Base Coat?

Gel nail polish has become a popular trend and has set out to revolutionize the professional beauty industry. Many people may not realize that many of these products (those sold by brands such as BLUESKY) have a base coat that must be applied before the gel polish can be applied. 

The question is: “Is it possible to use gel polish without a base coat?”. I’m going to discuss that exact issue right now, along with some reasons why it is recommended by most experts. 

Base Coat and Gel Nails:

Yes, it is possible to use gel polish without a base coat, but I do not recommend doing so. There are various reasons for this, the main one being that when you use gel polish without a base coat, you will likely experience chipping.

Using a base coat allows your manicure to last longer. There are specific reasons to use a base coat when you are applying gel polish. 

The main reason to use a base coat is to make sure that your natural nails are prepared for applying the color polish. Base coats tend to have strengthening ingredients in them, and when applied before the regular polish, it helps to prevent chipping and peeling of the manicure.

The base coat also gives your nails an added shine, as well as keeping them flexible when you wear the gel polish. It is recommended that you use a top coat along with your gel polish because it will keep your nails hard and shiny, and it will also protect them from chipping or cracking.

The Takeaway:

A high-quality base coat is a must for long-lasting gel nails that will not chip or crack easily. Try BLUESKY base coat for healthier and shinier gel nails for weeks. 

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