Use Sequins Lace Fabric To Add Extra Sparkle To Your dresses

Sequins are tiny shiny pieces of plastic, metal, or glass that are sewn onto fabric to create a sparkling effect. It looks like a piece of jewelry sewn onto clothing.

The sequins lace fabric is a beautiful decorative fabric. It is commonly used as upholstery fill, in clothing, costumes, and theatrical props. Sequins have always been a popular choice for clothing, costumes, and theatrical props because of their added sparkle, shine, and dimension. 

In the past, they were made from glass, ceramic, or plastic but modern sequins are most frequently made from acrylic or nylon.

The main characteristic of sequin lace fabric is that it has an extremely short pile because the sequins are very close together and tightly packed. This gives the fabric a shiny appearance and makes it feel smooth to the touch. 

The sequin shape can be round, square or rectangular and many have small holes in them which also add to the effect of sparkle. These holes allow you to see through the fabric so it is particularly good for use as upholstery fill when you want to see through it to the surface below. 

There are also versions of the fabric that do not have holes in them which can be used for garments where you don’t want to see through it such as dresses and gowns.

Sequin lace fabrics are available in a wide range of colors so you can choose something that will suit your decorating scheme or clothing color scheme perfectly. 

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