Different Types of Bag Locks

As a tourist, the bag locks are a crucial part of a traveling experience because this way you can be sure of the security of your expensive items in your bags. There are a variety of different bag locks according to your need available in the market so you can simply go and select one according to the bags you are going to carry with you. Let’s shed some light on different types of bag locks!

Little locks:

The first type of lock in the list is the little lock. These locks are small and have tiny keys with them. These locks are good choices for your handbags and clutches because they will save your money and important items to get stolen by thieves. 

You have to take extra care of the keys of these locks because they are very small and can be lost or maybe get broken down by applying extra pressure while unlocking the locks.

TSA Approved locks:

These locks are the perfect choices for backpacks and suitcases because they will secure the zips to get unzipped. 

Another best feature about these locks is that if you have to go through the security check at the airports the security officers can open these locks by using their master keys without cutting the locks which are way better than other locks. 

These locks come with no keys; you just have to apply some combinations for locking them and be sure to remember those combinations for unlocking your TSA-approved locks.

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