Role Of Water Filter Cartridge in RO Machine

RO Machine is a water purifier machine that is used for cleaning water from deadly particles, making it safe for every type of individual. RO water system is made up of various parts and each part is playing an effective role in cleaning the water. Out of the various types of parts, the two crucial parts of the RO (reverse osmosis system)  machine are given below.

  1. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: This is the most important part of an RO machine. Reverse osmosis membranes are semi-permeable membranes that are used for filtering water. The initial filtration of water starts from this point. Semi-permeable membranes are very thin membranes that allow only water to pass through them. Although there are some tiny particles that can pass through them.                                                                                

The reverse osmosis membrane usually removes 96% impurities from the water including nitrates, fluorides, lead pesticides, bacteria, deadly pathogens, and more. The water which is passed from the membrane is transferred to the storage tank, where impurities are poured into the drainage part of the machine.

  1. Water filter cartridge: The most important part which plays after the semi-permeable membranes is the water filter cartridge. This important part is present near the membranes and is helpful in the filtration process along with the membranes. It is a portion of tubular filtration in various types of water purification machines.

There are some harmful minerals like chlorine in the water that can easily pass through the membrane. When mineral dissolved water reaches the water filter cartridge, a chemical reaction happens that is used for eliminating the dissolved minerals from the water.

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